DPA kicks up storm over �Lim� memorandum
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 05: Going on the offensive, the Opposition has today demanded that the two Cabinet Ministers who reportedly appended their signature on the memorandum endorsing the formation of Greater Nagaland be dropped from the Council of Ministers.

The DPA today took a decision to pressurise the Government to drop the two Ministers, who gave their signatures to literally break up Manipur.

The decision was taken during a meeting of the Opposition parties held at the quarters of MLA L Tomba today.

Attended by the presidents of the different parties of the DPA and MLAs, the meeting took serious note of the memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister endorsing the formation of a Greater Nagaland.

The two Cabinet Ministers and MLAs who appended their signatures on the memorandum went against the very principle of fighting to protect the territorial integrity of Manipur, the meeting noted and demanded that the Government should make public the names of the two Cabinet Ministers.

They should also be dropped from the Ministry, the DPA maintained.

The identities of the MLAs will also be unearthed and stern action should be taken up against them too demanded the Opposition bloc.

The meeting also took note of the farce surrounding the shifting of women vendors from Ima Keithel to the temporary market sheds.

Mention may be made here that the temporary market sheds were not able at accommodate all the displaced women vendors as there were just too license holders, both fakes as well as genuine ones.

The Opposition members also took pot shots at the CPI as this party had always taken a vocal stand on the women market before.