Zeliangrong leaders react to Prof Kamei's statement
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, April 07 2009: Taking exception to the statement made by former Minister Prof Gangmumei Kamei who had accused the sitting MP and PDA candidate, Mani Charenamei of betraying and creating division among the Zeliangrong tribes, several Zeliangrong tribes' bodies have reacted to the accusation.

In a joint press statement signed by Rongmei Naga Council (RNC) president, Th Pamei, President of Liangmei Naga Council, Ch Dithinbou, president of Inpui Naga Union, Ak Khumba and president of Zeme Naga Council, D Apung said that the charge leveled by Prof Kamei against Mani Charenamei for opposing the inclusion of Tamenglong district in the rail line network as published in some local dailies and other charges are baseless and uncalled for.

The joint statement said that the sitting MP, Mani Charenamei has been consistently pursuing the recommendation of the state cabinet for the correction of the imperfect nomenclature of the Zeme, Liangmei, Inpui and Rongmei tribes as Zeliangrong in the list of the scheduled tribes.

"He (Mani) had no ulterior motives of betrayal and creating division among the ethnic groups.

When one looks at what Prof Kamei had done in the past to the Zeliangrong people, it would be he, who betrayed the people," the joint press communiqu� stated.

The statement accused Prof Kamei of leading the people for Zeliangrong homeland under the banner of Zeliangrong People's Convention (ZPC) which he left as its Secretary.

It also alleges Prof Kamei of opposing the proposal of the name 'Zeliangrong' and 'Hamai' for recognition of the Zeme, Liangmei, Inpui and Rongmei.

Besides doing many other commendable services during the five-year term, Mani Charenamei had also requested the Railway Minister to open Railway ticket booking counter at every hill district of Manipur, the statement said.

"Seeing his commitment to the cause of the tribal people and sincere devotion to his assignment for the welfare and development of the underprivileged tribal people in Manipur, we repose our trust on his (Mani Charenamei) dynamic leadership and continue to support him in the coming 15th Lok Sabha elections," the statement concluded.