Let love of Nagas prevail in everybody's heart: Loli Adanee
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, April 06 2009: BJP nominee Loli Adanee today appealed the people of all communities to leave hating each for a peaceful state while addressing to his election meetings held at Longmai (None) and Nungba in Tamenglong district.

Adanee said only when people live together barring what the community they belongs to, peace and development can go ahead fruitfully while assuring the people that he and his party's will give first priority in bringing peace in the state.

He also called the people to all works sincerely and not to believe in those remours which will amount to hate among the different communities.

"Let us work for maintaining good relation among all communities.

Let's show that Naga are good people.

Let's not indulge in violent activities like killing of people and looting.

The love of Nagas feel to every citizens of the state," Loli appealed the gathering.

To live with dignity, works for the welfare of others with sincere, stay away from talking lair are the objecting of a being born as human.

So, as a human being, "Let's works and live with dignity, he said.

Talking on the works which he wanted to take up if voted to power, Loly said, he will takes up works to save the forests to maintain the natural environment, availing banking facilities to the hill people, opening of FM radio services in the remote area and enforcement of six schedule in the hill areas of the state.

Former president, Takhulong, Ramthing Hungyo said there will be no impact of the announcement of support to Mani Charenamei by the ruling Nagaland People Front in Nagaland as everybody in Nagaland knows that NPF is behind the appearance of several factions of NSCN(IM) in the state of Nagaland.

He said, now Nagas have been fractionated as many as 10 factions by the hidden policy of the NPF.

So it will be a good one to enter the front to the state.

He also alleged that PDA which sponsoring Charenamei is a party who talk on Naga interest but not working for the cause of the Nagas.

So, it will be not a right one to send him again to the Parliament.

Chief Justice, Paomei Customary, PS Veikho observed that NSCN(IM) insisted Paomei people to vote for Charenamei but they turned down the request.

A meeting of the Paomei Community will be held tomorrow and resovled to cast vote in favour of loly Adanee.

If Charenamei really does works for the interest of the Nagas why he took Rs 30 crore from the Congress, he asked adding stating that why should people voted him who could not explained where the MP area development.

Former state minister, Samuel Jendai who also spoke in the BJP election meeting said that this time, keeping behind the party line, people of all section has extended support to Loly and campaigning on his favour.

He also asked the why should people allow to woo them only on Naga issue, apparently protesting against Charenamei's election campaign theme expressing that Meetei, Kukis and Muslims are also settling in this tiny state.

Romonia, a local leader from Chandel said, people of Chandel voted for Charenamei in the last election but this time they formed a political forum and decided to extend support to Loly.

They have decided to support to Loly for his sincerity and honesty.

The meeting was also attended by former minister DP Panmei, RV Minthing and Tombi from Heirok and other leaders coming from different parts of the state.

Loly and his supporters had proceeded to Tamenglong district headquarters for further campaign in the district.