Don't play with people's sentiments :UCM
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, April 09 2009: The United Committee Manipur (UCM) today said that talking of protection of the territorial integrity of the state and on AFSPA act by the political parties for the sake of their gain is amount to disrespect to those people who scarified their life during the 2001 June 18 uprising.

In a press conference held today at its office at Lamphel, UCM president, Yumnamcha Dilipkumar said many reports of political parties talking against the voice of the people on the territorial integrity of Manipur have been seen.

In this condition, as a body which not part of the electorate politics, UCM could not remained silent and expressing some words, he added.

Resurfacing of the state integrity and AFSPA, voice of people of the state and a long pending demand which never been resolved or fulfilled by any of the government as an issue during the election time is amount to making foolish to the people of the state.

UCM takes its disrespecting the people who scarified for the cause, he said.

Some people who live in the state and talking in favour Nagaland are also surfacing openly.

UCM welcome giving emphasis to the development for peace and prosperity containing in the election manifestos of the political parties and election but trying to woo voter on the issue of integrity and AFPSA is strongly condemned, Dilipkumar said.

It is well one that who had done what when the two issues are hit the state.

Talking about it at the time election will bring nothing benefit.

People should be bewared of Congress's unclear stand on the integrity issue.

Even though the party leader Rahul Gandhi in election rally at Churachandpur announced that territorial integrity of the state will be protected, the same party in Nagaland is promising for keeping Naga inhabitant areas under one administrative unit.

In the manifesto of Congress in Nagaland, it promised the people for integration of Nagas.

Apart from this PDA candidate, Mani Charenamei, advisor of the Nagaland chief minister expressed support of Nagaland Democratic Front to the PDA candidate who is always talking on integration of Nagas.

The situation clearly revealed that Congress has no definite decision the sensitive issue on the question of territorial integrity of the state.

Now, time has come to teach Mani Charenamei and say to go to Nagaland and contest election there instead of repeatedly disturbing the peaceful co-existence of different communities in Manipur, Dilipkumar added.

UCM also lambasted those politicians shouting for repeal of AFSPA were those who remained silent in the state Assembly.