State boundary can be redrawn: Charenamei
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, April 06 2009: PDA candidate Mani Charenamei today said that there is no provision in the Indian Constitution which restrict remaking of territorial boundaries of the states.

Rahul Gandhi had talk on the territorial integrity of Manipur without knowing the provisions of the constitution.

Addressing to a election rally at Chandel district headquarter, the sitting MP contesting the election in the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency as PDA nominee strongly reacted to the Rahul Gandhi's speech at a Congress election rally at Churachandpur with the regard to the territorial integrity of Manipur.

He further said that the remaking of boundary of Bihar state to make Jharkhand is the clear instant that Indian Constitution allows changing the territorialintegrity of any states within the Indian Union.

He also recounted and said the present states of Nagaland, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh become up after the indigenous tribes build up agitations demanding their home separate lands.

But unfortunately, there could not create separate states for the Meetei, Nagas and Kukis settling together in the state.

When the Nagas who are among the indigenous tribes of India demanded their rights, India government will not able to remain in deaf as it is a demand within the Indian Constitution, he added.

Coming to the developmental aspects of the state, Charenamei said, despite having enough potential for developing tourism industries, due to government apathy it could not be developed.

The government is continuing its exploitive policy.

That was why the state is lacking behind others economically.

As a regional party, PDA will able to highlight problems of the people of the region to the Parliament which national parties could not be done.