Thoubal,Jiri voters boycott Mani Charenamei
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, April 13 2009: The Thoubal District Development and Demand Council (TDDDC) has announced boycott of PDA candidate and sitting outer MP, Mani Charenamei in the 15th Lok Sabha election in the seven Assembly Constituencies of Thoubal district and Jiribam AC.

Sougrakpam Roben Meitei, President of TDDADC, Thoubal in a press statement said that voters of the eight Assembly segments should turn out on the Election Day (April 16) and thwart the 'Kacha Naga Unification' by exercising their franchise.

The statement said that the voters of the eight ACs have been given 'third class' treatment in Democratic India by barring the voters from contesting the Parliamentary election.

It said that all the former MPs from the outer constituency have represented all the communities of the constituency in the Parliament.

It is very unfortunate that the present MP thinks that he belongs to the Kacha Naga community.

The statement noted that all voters of the outer Manipur constituency seem to belong to the Kacha Naga community as represented by Mani.

So the people should reprimand by not voting in favour of him in the coming election.

It also urged all voters within the constituencies to vote for one who can protect the territorial integrity of Manipur without any fear.

It also appealed all voters to ruin the Kacha Naga Unification from 6am of April 16 to 6pm of the same day by turning out in large number to exercise their voting rights against the Kacha Naga Unification.