NIUCAMO decries Mani Charenamei's speech
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, April 01 2009: PDA candidate Mani Charenamei's speech in his election campaigns allegedly amounting to creating communal tension in the state has received strong exception and condemnation from various civil society bodies.

The North Imphal United Clubs and Meira Paibis Organisation (NIUCAMO) decried the speech of Mani Charenamei which said "Nagas are always suppressed by the major community and no development works are taken up in hills areas" made during his election rally on April 8 at Churachandpur and alleged him doing works in the interest of the Naga people.

It said in the last 37 years since Manipur got statehood in 1972, January 21, the sitting Rajya Sabha member Rishang Keishing (A Tangkhul Naga tribe) had rule the state as chief minister for 16 years, Yangmasho Shaiza, another Tangkhul Naga from Ukhrul for five years while another man from minority community Md Allimuddin for four years.

It means, tribal and minority Muslims had ruled the state for 25 years in the last 37 years.

Apart from this, there is a department called Tribal Development department which looking after the welfare and development of the tribal people only and not touch by the other major communities.

The department has been functioning since a year ahead of Manipur attended statehood.

Since its inception, only the representative of the tribal people has been the minister in-charge of the department with allocation of enough budged.

In such condition, how can the major community downtrodden them, the state of the NIUCMPO asked adding that considering the benefits given by the state government, tribal people must have developed more than the major community.

The ensuing election to the Lok Sabha is the 15th time that to be witnessed in the state.

Where had the funds for MLA and MP area developments sanctioned to the hills areas had gone? .

It is a well known fact where the funds had gone.

So, Mani Charenamei should not indulged in talking words which amount to create communal among the different communities settling in the state in harmony since time immemorial as all the people of the state knew what he had done for the welfare of people of the state or for the Nagas.

Why he used to pour his blame to a particular community, the body asked.

He should not indulge in such activities which amount to create communal tension by talking lair to the people, the statement of the NIUCMPO finally warned.