A fight between one who wants to break and one who wants to save:Prof
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, April 13 2009: Prof Gangmumei Kamei today said that the election to the Outer Manipur seat is a close fight between Mani Charenamei who wanted to break Manipur and the BJP's Loli Adanee who came out to save the territorial boundary and unity of the state.

Today, the BJP candidate conducted his election campaigns in different parts of the seven Assembly segments of Thoubal district with public meetings at Ching-Tam High School, Shalungpham Kangyambam and Heirok Bazar.

BJP candidate, Loli Adanee for the Outer Manipur Parliamentary constituency speaking at a campaign meeting also assured that if he is elected, he will try his best to prevent imposition of blockade along the NH-39 and 53 acknowledging people's suffering caused by the disturbances on these highways.

"I will try my best not to impose blockades of any kind on these two highways after bringing any issues or demands to the negotiating table before the blockade or bandh is imposed," he said.

Addressing the gathering Adanee said that living together with creating an atmosphere of love and harmony among the different communities residing together in the state can strengthen the unity of the state.

For creating the atmosphere, a true leader is a must, he stressed.

He also cautioned that if do not look into the Vision 2020 of the Look East policy deeply, the state may faced a setback.

The state needs to take care of showing the youths of the state for entertainment only.

If not poor section of the society will be poorer while rich people will become richer.

It will give a great impact to the living condition of the people.

For saving such possible worrisome outcome, the state needs to form its own policy which can face the challenges to be come up owing to the vision document.

Speaking on the occasion, prof Gangumei Kamei reacted to the lament of the PDA candidate Mani Charenamei and said that he had never witnessed downtrodden of Nagas by the Meetei in the 60 year history of Manipur.

In the uncoming Lok Sabha election, he said, Mani Charenamei who wanted to break Manipur will have a close fight with Loli Adanee who wanted to save the territorial integrity and unity of the state.

The mandate to this issue is to be given by the voters of the seven Assembly segments of the Thoubal and Jiribam of Imphal east, he observed.

He also recounted that in the year 1958 under the leadership of the former Chief Minister of state Rishang Keishing formed the Naga Integration Group and since then started the movement of Naga dominated areas of the state to Nagaland.

By his effort, the then Prima Minister of the country Indira Gandhi declared that in the general election held 1971, a mandate of the people who wanted to break Manipur and people who wanted to save Manipur.

The winner was for those who did not want to break Manipur and remain as it is, the former minister, Gangumei said recounting that the mandate was given by the electors of Thoubal district.

He also urged the people to remember it and cast vote.