MNRF cautions on IM
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 05 2009: The Manipur Naga Revolutionary Front (MNRF) while reiterating that it was formed with the objective to save the territorial integrity of Manipur as autonomous revolutionary group said the outfit will stand against and strike to those whether big or small without any hesitation who challenged to bring disunity among the people of Manipur and will consider any of them as enemy of the party.

The outfit which come to existence in the year 2008 under the leadership and guidance of Allen Siro with the banner "Unity, Independent and Co-existence, in a statement today said that it has no enemy never claimed as a government like that of NSCN-IM/GPRN but a truly a revolutionary organization which is working for the welfare of the people residing in the state of Manipur for better tomorrow.

MNRF does not collect house tax/ration tax, but extend help in different forms to the people at its best level in the region where the front operates, the statement mentioned stating that it will not make any false promise or commit any sort of betrayal to the general public like that of NSCN(IM) .

Alleging that NSCN (IM) consider themselves to be a government and imposed taxes and give order to ward contract/supply/ scheme to a few hand-picked contractors/suppliers and projected election candidate etc.

by depriving the right of the people and keeping them under the behest of the gun asked "What all about this".

The statement giving accounts of pass activities of the NSCN(IM) said that RK Thekko is not close to the Supremo of IM after the signing of ceasefire pact when they boycotted the then MP election with the slogan "No solution no election".

They ambushed on former CM, Rishang Keishing by blaming him as anti-national campaigner, before IM move and he was elected as MP.

Yangmaso Shaiza was assassinated for advising Th Muivah to havetalk within the Indian constitution but where is Muivah standing now, it asked stating that did he remember his words-Nothing less and nothing more than sovereignty.

Is Naga integration not under the constitution of India? If NSCN(IM) think that sending lone MP from Outer Manipur can solve the long standing issue of Indo-naga problem, then why not Muivah himself contest the election instead of capturing vote for Mani and harassing other candidate.

"Indeed, our lone MP is like a dust drop in the ocean of Parliament which has no more than 530 members", it said.

It further asked that if NSCN(IM) is a government what have they done for the welfare of the people as a government and what have they done for the welfare of its cadres who have scarified their lives for the cause of the government.

An ordinary person of a village who joined NSCN(IM) and becomes officer can build a beautiful house, own car, live a luxurious life style within a short periods of time.

Where does the money come from, Is there any salary system in the outfit, the statement went on to ask. The statement while cautioning Naga citizen of Manipur to view carefully the step of failure taken by the IM asked to be aware of such group saying that it is right time for all to know the truth suggesting that it will not be a wise to create enemy in every direction.

Mentioning that MNRF will collect 3% as party fund from any development works/contract/schem/employees from government offices while appealing to extend co-operation of the people to the front.