Gifts offered to Mao brethren
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, April 25 2009: In the continued "Sajibu Khudol Tamba" programme of the All Manipur Ethnical Socio Cultural Organisation (AMESCO), today also presents were gifted to the villagers of Mao in Senapati district.

At the function held at Kamninamai, the chairman of the village M Phoni, secretary V Nali, Phikomai village chairman D Sunny, president Poireileimarol Memchoubi and AMESCO vice president IB Luwang adorned the presidium.

M Pholli speaking on the occasion said, every communities are living in harmony in Manipur should be shown by at the level of each community.

History is the evidence that in Manipur different communities are settling together in both hills and valley.

The programme organized by AMESCO has once again showed clearly that "We are one" and the programme also paved the way to remain the love bond among the different communities for a long time, he said.

The programme which AMESCO and other like minded organization organized will help in maintaining harmony among the different communities.

Vice president AMESCO, IB Luwang speaking on the occasion expressed the need of facing all the challenges against the integrity of the state.

Efforts of those who are trying to the break the unity and integrity of the state should not be make success by the emotional love bonds among the different communities.

He also called for participation of all communities in the effort to build up emotional love bond among the communities.

Any unpleasant incident erupted in the pass owing to the different of religion need to be forgotten for a better future.

He also recalled the orgin of the people settling in Manipur stating that people in this land are originated from Koubru hill ranges even though they talk different dialect.

He further recalled taking refuge by the valley people at Mao during the Seven Years Devastation of Manipur.

This shows that since early period, people of this land are living together in peace and harmony.

AMESCO has so far performed such "Sajibu Khudol Tamba" at various places like Jiri, Keithelmanbi, Chakpikarong and the last one is being held at Mao.