Think again, MPP warns Centre
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, December 06 2008: THE MANIPUR People's Party (MPP) today renewed its warning to the Government of India against doing anything that would disturb the territorial boundary of the state saying "the centre must think deeply before arriving at any negative conclusion in the ongoing peace talk between it and the NSCN-IM, or else grave consequences worse than that of 18 June, 2001 would occur" .

President of MPP, Dr L Chandramani, sounding the warning during a press conference held at the office of the party this afternoon, expressed serious concern over the reported statement attributed to the NSCN-IM supremo, Thuingaleng Muivah which said that the talks between the NSCN-IM and the representatives of the Government of India this time would centre around the issue of "Naga integration" and that a final solution would be found.

This can't be taken easily, Dr Chandramani stressed.

Since the solution could become worst, the MPP would like the Government of India to hear what the Party had to say before the latest round of talks gets underway, Dr Chandramani said.

It is worth mentioning here that the latest round of talks between the centre and the NSCN-IM is scheduled to be held at Amsterdam in the Netherlands from tomorrow and is likely to extend upto three days.

The MPP president further said that the party welcomed any initiative for political dialogue with any of the insurgent outfits of the North Eastern Region.

The MPP affirmed that the party stands steadfastly against any design that would be a threat to the territorial integrity of Manipur.

"Manipur has a history of over 2000 years with unique geographical boundaries and borders, ruled by different Maharajas over the period and we do not want a peace talk to threaten the people of the state and burn down the state", said Ch Chandramani, president of the party while addressing the press at the Conference Hall of the MPP office in Imphal on Saturday evening.

Maintaining the historical view of the state, the Chandramani stated that Manipur became a part of India when the state was merged into the Indian Territory during the reign of Maharaj Bhudhachandra.

He held that it was time to remind the government of India that the state of Manipur would not oblige to any agreement that would affect the territorial integrity of Manipur.

Spokesperson of the party and MLA RK.

Anand, also vice president of the party, informed that since the birth of the party, the MPP has been protecting the territorial integrity of the state.

And this territorial integrity has become one of the factors that disturbs the state when such peace talks are held, asserted the spokesperson.

Recalling of the mass 'historic' rally held in 1997 against the territorial threat which was organised by All Manipur United Club Organisation (AMUCO) and "participated by huge number of people from the state", RK.

Anand alleged that such talks were sometimes a threat to the territorial integrity of the state.

He also reminded of the Bangkok ceasefire extension on June 14, 2001 "which was met with much resent by the people of the state and also how several people had to sacrifice their lives for the love of their motherland".

It is unfortunate that the government of India does not understand the people of Manipur, RK Anand asserted.