Mani Charenamei's campaign rides on Naga integration
'Your votes are to build a unique land for Nagas'

Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, April 04 2009: The people's Democratic Alliance (PDA) candidate for Outer Manipur seat in the Lok Sabha, Mani Charenamei and his supporter Naga MLAs of Manipur are making it plain and simple that their main plank of the election campaign is Naga integration.

Continuing his election campaign in the hill districts, Mani Charenamei today held a public meeting at Tangkhul Katamnao Long ground at Ukhrul district head quarter where he said that "your votes are to save the land of Nagas, and to build a unique land for Nagas." "It is a mission being embarked on under a vision, it is to save, defend and preserve Nagas' land, culture, identity, languages, etc." said Mani Charenamei.

Addressing the public meeting, Mani Charenamei said, if the oldest regional party in Manipur�the MPP says that there are no Nagas in Manipur, then the regional party of the Nagas�PDA can not sit together with them.

For the Nagas, no efforts will be spared to achieve the unique identity of the Nagas.

In order to achieve that, he would try at his best level in the parliament, Mani Charenamei vowed.

He further said that out of 22,347 sq kms of Manipur's total areas, the area of the valley is very small.

Having not enough land to live in the valley since it is very tiny, the proposal to extend MLR and LR Act 1960 to the hill areas must not be accepted by the tribals.

The tribals' resources are abundant and tourist centres will be developed in the hills.

Instead of developing infrastructure for tourism in the hills, the Government of Manipur never takes up any developmental work for the hills with the funds collected from the abundant tribal resources, Mani Charenamei alleged.

He further alleged that instead of doing anything to bring development in the hill areas, the Government of Manipur is trying to destroy the resources by building Thoubal and Tipaimukh Dam.

Such government's plans would be challenged and fought through the PDA.

The Government of Manipur is a government which suppresses and oppresses the tribals.

Therefore, a new change must be brought about at any cost, Mani Charenamei thundered and pledged that he would try to bring a solution to the Indo-Naga peace talk.

MLA Morung Makunga who also addressed the meeting said that he has no reason to feel shy or to fear while speaking for the Naga issues.

" Our issue is Nagaland for Christ", he said.

President of PDA, Maringa said that after studying for three years, the PDA has been formed.

The party has a charter of point 21 .

Efforts will be made to translate these points into action.

Attempts will be made to bring a solution to the Indo-Naga peace talk, he said and added that the party will also try to usher in peace in the valley.

MLAs Awangbou Newmai, K Raina and Wungnaoshang Keishing also spoke at the meeting.