BSF re-occupied its barrack at inter-state boundary at Jessami
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, October 18 2009: While state IRB is yet to take over the BSF vacated barrack occupied by the Nagaland Armed Police, BSF troops of 111th battalion re-occupied the same.

Troops of 111th battalion BSF who occupied earlier but left for election duty in Tripura during the Parliamentary election in the state returned back to the post and took over the post again from the Nagaland Armed Police yesterday, official reports said.

As soon as the BSF troops reached the barrack at the inter-state border at Jessami, NAP has left the post closing the episode of Nagaland police occupying Manipur territory, the report culled from the area stated.

Meanwhile, a company s of state IRB who are stationing at Jessami police station is still staying there.

Whether, they would stay there further for guarding the inter-state border or will back to their original post could not be confirmed from the report.

The development is amidst the conflicting report on 5th NAP of Nagaland vacating the barrack reported in some section of newspapers published in Nagaland.

Chief secretary, Lalthara of Nagaland refuting the media reports of taking over the barrack by Manipur IRB on Friday last.

Reports till October 14 had said the Manipur IRB had moved in but even on Thursday, the 15th, and recently Friday, October 16, such a development was refuted by Nagaland chief secretary.

The Manipur media had reported that the Manipur IRB has already occupied the BSF barracks Wednesday, near Jessami village on Manipur's side, and that the 5th NAP had moved out.

However, a local organization on Friday said that the IRB was not yet in the barracks and has been housed in the premise of Jessami police station.

Also, on Friday, Chief Secretary of Nagaland Lalthara, IAS, when queried on the matter had told this daily that the reports surfacing from Manipur were "false" regarding the 5th NAP pulling out as yet, the report stated.

Although the 5th NAP would be leaving the BSF barracks, it is understood that the NAP force would remain at the border but on the Nagaland side of the boundary.

The chief secretary had also said that the Union Home secretary has been written to, by the Nagaland government.

A response from the centre to the Nagaland government's letter is awaited, Lalthara had said Friday.

News agencies yesterday also quoted a local organization, Raphei Katamnao Long.

A representative of the organization had rejected reports that the Nagaland police force was "turning down and defying" the deployment of Manipur IRB at Jessami and refusing to move out.

The representative of the RKL was quoted as saying that the Manipur government has already deployed Manipur IRB at Jessami but currently housed at Jessami police station.

However, the Nagaland police force has not yet vacated the BSF barrack, the RKL representative Tennoson Pheirei, was quoted by the report.