Charenamei continues Naga integration campaign
'Cries for Manipur's integrity is suppression of Nagas'

Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, April 11 2009: The people's democratic Alliance (pda) candidate for the Outer Manipur seat, Mani Charenamei, continuing his campaign for Naga integration, has reiterated that the slogan of the Manipur People's Party (MPP) and other civil society organisations that Manipur's territorial integrity can not be disturbed is suppression of the Nagas.

No suppression of the small communities can be tolerated, the Naga tribes must try to bring truth, Mani Charenamei has said at different election campaign meetings held at several parts of Ukhrul district during the last two days.

The sitting Outer MP, Mani Charenamei addressed several public meetings in connection with the ensuing Lok Sabha election were held at the Kasom Khullen Community Hall in Phungyar Assembly Constituency of Ukhrul district, Nambishi Khullen Community Hall, Phungyar Community Hall, the public ground of Kamjong sub division head quarters and Lambui Community Hall in Ukhrul AC on April 9 and 10 .

The diehard advocate of Naga integration, Mani Charenamei said at the meetings that not a single political party has ever tried and shouted for bringing a solution to various issues of the tribals still today.

Therefore, it is the duty of the Nagas to send a representative to the Parliament who can shout for their issues, he said.

If votes are given to a national party, he cannot speak while waiting for the high command's order.

So it is the duty of all Nagas to try to resolve the issues of the Nagas.

Casting vote must also be done with the objective of resolving the Naga issues, Mani Charenamei said.

He said, when there was armed rebellion among the Nagas for the Naga issues, the Indian Army had killed a number of Nagas, tortured many people and raped many women.

But today since the Indo-Naga peace talk had begun, such dangers do not occur.

As such it is necessary to insist the Government of India on bringing a solution to the peace talk between it and the NSCN-IM as soon as possible.

Or else should the Nagas face once again all the sufferings, Mani Charenamei asked adding that the Naga votes must not be divided.

He said, "We have no fear for the obstructions being given to the Naga issues, and we shall not compromise" .

He said, the Indian constitution lays down the provision that the boundaries of the states may be added or subtracted.

It is not anti-constitutional that we want to unite all the Naga inhabited areas and live under a single administration.

However, the shoutings that boundary can not be re-drawn are anti-constitutional, he said.

He said, it is not the time for the Nagas to demand 6th Schedule.

We need to shout in the parliament for the Nagas who have been suppressed by the Government of Manipur for a long time.

Only when we hold power in our own hands, we'll be able to take up developmental works in our land.