UCM to state govt : Act fast
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, October 06, 2009: The United Committee Manipur (UCM) has lambasted the state government for failing to protect the boundary of the state while also urging the government to act fast on the matter, in the wake of the reported encroachment of land by neighbouring state near Jessami in Ukhrul district.

In a press statement, assistant secretary of IPR, UCM, N Jiban has pointed out that the state government has failed to institute a boundary commission to erect boundary pillar along the border even as some parts of the land have been encroached by neighbouring states.

The UCM statement observed that armed Myanmarese had encroached Molcham area in Chandel district apart from causing troubles to the residents.

Dzuko valley in Senapati district has been claimed by the Nagaland government and included it in its tourist map.

But the state government continues to be a silent spectator.

The government has also failed to curb incursion in Jiribam subdivision of Imphal East district.

It also miserably failed to resist the collapse of Jiri river bank.

Taking advantage of the situation some people have drained the forest wealth of the state through the porous river route.

These apart, NAP post has been set up on the Manipur side of the Manipur-Nagaland border near Jessami in Ukhrul district and rest houses being set up.

The UCM statement categorically asked what decision has the state government taken in this regard while demanding the government to make public its stand on the matter.

It further added that the people of the state have never retracted their stand for the protection of the land and the boundary.

Stating that the boundary of Manipur and Nagaland is the bridge over the Chalou river, the statement asked how will the government react to the setting up of a NAP post and fishermen house on the Manipur side of the border.

It further posed how the district administration of the concerned district has been doing all the way since the construction of the NAP post.

The people will show respect to the state force personnel had they acted in the state's interest at such time � instead of showing their might against democratic protestors, the UCM statement observed.

Reiterating its stance for the protection of the state boundary and territorial integrity, the UCM pledged to carry on its stand if it comes to challenging of the territorial integrity of the state.

It urged the government to act fast on the issue.