Appropriation Bill passed after heated debates
Check unfair practices of doctors: Nimaichand

Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, July 30: The Manipur Appropriation (No 3) Bill 2002 amounting to Rs 2885.40 Crs was today passed after an interesting debate in the House.

About 15 percent of the budget will be used for developmental works and the rest will be used to pay salaries, pension and managing the government machineries.

After the bill is passed the House has authorized the government to use the money for the current financial year.

O Joy and Dr Nimaichand Luwang raised the issue of appointment of veterinary doctors and conduct of doctors.

The House witnessed heated debates between the two leaders and the concerned ministers.

The Chief Minister Okram Ibobi seemed angry when some of the concerned ministers were absent in the House.

The ruling members went out to search for the ministers and the ministers came one after another inside the House.

After the Chief Minister cooled down the ministers one after another went upto him and murmured into his ears.

The Chief Minister simply nodded his head.

Dr Nimaichand Luwang charged that some doctors charge huge amounts of money in RIMS and JN hospital to carry out operations.

They simply do not carry out operations if money is not given.

He further said some doctors compel the patients to move to private hospitals and carry out operations when the same facilities are available in the government hospital.

In a particular case a patient was shifted to Imphal Hospital and operations carried out and the patient died.

The patient with head injury was moved from hospital to hospital.

It is against medical ethics he said.

Most of the doctors in government hospitals work in private hospitals and they refer the patients to the private hospitals for medical treatment he charged.

This is against all acceptable norms.

He demanded that actions be taken up against the concerned doctor.

Dr Chaltonlien Amo Minister Health said he want a written complaint and do what is possible.

Dr Nimaichand said there is no need of submitting a written complain.

He had already informed the House about the matter and the minister should have immediately rushed to the hospital to verify the matter.

Dr Chaltonlien and Dr Nimaichand Luwang exchanged some heated words.

The Chief Minister O Ibobi stood up and assured the House that an enquiry will be conducted into the matter.

The doctors register themselves at Assam and large numbers of nursing schools are coming up Nimaichand said.

The Medical Council, Nursing Council, Pharmaceutical council are yet to be established in the state, Nimaichand said he had pursued the matter with the centre.

The Assembly had passed a bill but the Governor did not give his assent as the matter was in the Concurrent list and the permission of the centre is required before taking up the matter.

Dr Chaltonlien Amo said the whole process had to be repeated.

The approval of the Home ministry has to be taken and the matter was referred to the Home Ministry but as there had been President's Rule when the matter was pending in the Home Ministry the same process had to be repeated.

Dr Chaltonlien assured that he would take up the matter seriously.

O Joy raised the appointment of Veterinary doctors again.

He came down heavily on the Veterinary Minister Y Mani for not taking action against those responsible for giving extra burden to the government.

He moved a censure motion against the minister for not taking up appropriate actions against the officials involved in various scandals.

An additional Rs 18 lakhs would be incurred he informed the House.

Joy pointed that the government bans appointment and takes a decision not to extend the services of the doctors and at the same time the Advocate General of the state gives his consent contradicting the stand of the government.

Mani said the matter is referred to the Law ministry and he wants to put up the matter before the Cabinet before taking any decision.

Regarding purchase of cranes in 1999 Joy said the entire papers related to the matter should be placed before the House.

He said he wanted to examine the paper.

It will be placed for examination.

The department paid about Rs 17 lakhs for purchase of 67 cranes but the cranes never reached Manipur.

Joy wanted to know how the entire money were given away to the party.

Two persons are on bail regarding the matter Mani said.

Joy raised the issue of lottery in which one Manipur Laxmi go the first prize, second prize and third prizes so many times when lotteries were conducted in 1995.Raising the issue of supply of rice at Ukhrul he said the government should inform the House the progress of the investigation.