House re-affirms stand on territory
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 23: Even as the indefinite economic blockade imposed by ANSAM to protest the decision of the State Government to declare June 18 as Integrity Day and a State holiday is on in full swing, the State Assembly today for 7th time passed a resolution re-affirming its stand to protect the territorial integrity of Manipur.

The motion was moved by seven legislators including four from the Opposition and three from the Treasury bench.

Ten MLAs from either side took part in the discussion.

In his address to the House, Chief Minister O Ibobi expressed his firm belief that the territory of Manipur would not be compromised in the face of the assurance given by the Centre.

The Chief Minister also expressed his deep disappointment over the mushrooming of a number of student bodies and social organisations, each claiming their own bit of territory within the State.

�It would be much better for the student bodies to pay their attention to improving the standard of education instead of disturbing public peace and provoking the different communities of the State,� said the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister also informed the House that recently some village chiefs of Jessami area had approached him to grant them gun license so that they may protect the land against any intrusion.

These people are the ones protecting the integrity of Manipur, he observed.

Merely staging rallies and shouting for the integration of Manipur in Imphal without understanding and emphatising with the woes of the hill people will not bring any answer to the issue at hand, he added.

Earlier taking part in the discussion, MPP MLA Dr Nimaichand Luwang said that despite the numerous resolutions adopted by the Assembly to protect the territorial integrity of Manipur, nine MLAs including two Cabinet Ministers and two MPs are understood to have appended their signature on the memorandum which endorsed the formation of a Greater Nagaland.

This has added to the confusion and uncertainty, he added.

If the matter is correct then it would amount to the people's representatives selling out the territories of Manipur, said Luwang and asked what the Government plans to do with the matter.

Striking a confident tone, the MLA said that the territory of Manipur will never be compromised and added that no provocative statements should be made when it comes to the territorial integrity of Manipur.