MCIC questions government's sincerity in ensuring integrity
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, October 18: The Manipur Cultural Integration Conference has welcomed the stand of the government as stated by Gaikhangam, minister works, spokesperson of the SPF government.

The general secretary of the conference A Brajakumar said in a press statement today that the issues raised are worth debating.

In 1972-75 at Wahong Khul, Ukhrul, people of Khayang, Nagalano came from Nagaland once to collect rice.

The Manipur government imposed curfew.

The chairman of the conference MK Priyobrata former Chief Minister informed about the matter to the government.

The government ignored it.

Is the present government aware of the matter, the MCIC questioned.

What has the SPF government done about the Wahong case which began in 1920 it questioned.

The SPF government was silent when the issue of Tungjoy was raised in the media, why the sudden realization or the part of the government it further questioned.

Why has Manipur government given away land to Nagaland government for construction of TB Sanatories at Mao it was further questioned.

The government acted against the interest of the people of Mao.

When the Dzuko valley issue was discussed at the Assembly the government said there was no encroachment.

Why the government is raising the issue now, it further questioned.

The government seems to be unaware of the Barak and the Jiri rivers problems.

The MCIC from 1980 onwards had informed timely that boundary pillar no 66 (33 old) is missing at Molcham.

The centre and state did not do anything.

Is the government aware of the sentiments of the people of Molcham over the indifference of the government it further questioned.

Has the government consulted any expert on the issue as an official team is looking into the matter it further questioned.

The statement refuted Gaikhangam's claim that the organization extended support to the people of the hill areas in protecting the boundary.

The MCIC was established to strengthen the bond between the people of the hills and the plain it was pointed out.

From 1967 till 1990 the MCIC informed the government about the problem.

The issues and problems were addressed thoroughly.