O Joy comes down heavily on Vety Department
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, July 18: OKRAM JOY during the Zero hour of the House today drawing the attention of the House as the Veterinary Minister as to how 50 veterinary doctors were appointed on a contract basis 'with the consolidated pay of Rs 3000/-per month each inspite of Central government instruction for down sizing the state govt employees.

He pointed out the image of the state govt and its functionaries were in the bad shape in eyes of central leaders.

There is directive from the Central govt to minimize the govt employees since there is financial crisis.

How come the state has more than 70,000 govt employees, while there is only about 30,000 govt employees in Mizoram where there is more population than Manipur.

Minister of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, Y Mani in his reply said, there is a move to employ 50 vety doctors.

As he is a new man in the Council of Minister Ibobi he does not have the vast knowledge.

He however sought cooperation from all to enable him to look into the matter.

Let the law handle this matter, he adds.

O Joy also termed the Dept of Veterinary and Husbandry, Govt of Manipur as non-performing department.

He pointed out the total failure of Tulubari Cattle rearing, where there are 25 employees including officers.

Only 10 litres of milk are produced every day.

There are skinny 25 cattle.

He said all the Cattle rearing centre and dispensaries should be wound up and handed over to the private sectors.

There is no operation flood in Manipur.

Only corrupt flood is implemented in.

Dept of Vety & AH, he observed.

A machine costing of about 16 lakhs has been misused and there is no report of installation in the Vety Dept, he placed on the Floor of the House.

He urged the concerned Deptt to book the culprits.

Coming to the Panchayati Raj O Joy informed that there is surplus of 176 employees in Rural and Panchayati Raj.

In addition to that 15 more were also employed.