Sit in protests stopped
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, October 17: The Asst Secretary, External Affairs L Nganbi and many others were today apprehended by police as sit in protests were organized by UCM.

At Nambol and Bishnupur and Mayai Lambi lines police dispersed those who tried to participate in sit in protests.

Police fired tear gases to force all those who assembled to go away.

The people are reeling under a rule which believes in might is right the UCM today said.

The state government unable to say anything to the centre as the centre plans balkanization of the state the state government is showing its might to the people.

What kind or government is this which is not allowing even sit in protests the UCM said.

If the movement is stopped at a particular place the government will not be able to stop all the protests which may erupt in different parts of the state, UCM said.

As the government stand is not clear the UCM did not go to meet the Chief Minister the UCM clarified.

The AMSU, ZUCAM (Valley) also did not attend the meeting convened by the Chief Minister to discuss the present crisis.

The UCM wants to work for democracy and the UCM has to lodge the complaint to the government as it represents the people it said.

It however said it doubts if the Cabinet ministers have the blood of the soil.

The UCM will not divide the people on communal lines it further said.