AMUCO lays blame at Government's door
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 17: Holding the successive State Governments squarely responsible for the uncertainty prevailing over the integrity of Manipur, All Manipur United Clubs´┐Ż Organisation (AMUCO) has alerted the people against the false promises given by the elected representatives who are out to gain political mileage by setting one group of people against another. In a statement issued on the eve of its Unity Day observance, assistant secretary of AMUCO, NC Modhuchandra said successive Governments in power have been trying to drive a wedge among the different groups of people and community living in peaceful co-existence since time immemorial.

From the moment Manipur was forcibly merged with India in 1949, the political leaders have been taking the people for a ride with false promises and creating emotional barriers among the people, Modhuchandra said, while cautioning the people against the sugar coated words of the political leaders.

Besides, disruptive forces from outside are at play among the people leading to creation of a great chasm and social segregation which have become more pronounced of late, he noted, while observing that the people should come out of their narrow parochial outlook and protect the integrity and unity of Manipur.

With the arrival of June 18 the supreme sacrifices made by the 18 martyrs should be remembered by all, said AMUCO and added that it is the moment of reckoning for all to re-affirm their pledge to protect the territory of Manipur.