Hoho, NSF grace Senapati rally
Source: The Sangai Express

Senapati, June 16: Like the other three hill districts, dominated by the Nagas, Senapati also defied the ban imposed by the Government and successfully staged the rally calling for unification of Naga people today.

From 10 in the morning, thousands of people streamed in at the Senapati mini stadium.

The district administration stood by and watched and did nothing to enforce the ban so forcefully announced by the Chief Minister a few days back.

The district police led by the SP, Kh Chandramani, CRPF and Assam Rifles personnel stood by around the mini-stadium to ensure that nothing untoward happened.

At 10.30 am, UNC president Puni Modoli flagged off the rally.

Significantly an 85 year old WW II veteran Alfred Ruivah took part in the rally.

After covering a distance of about 4 kms the rallyists converged at the mini-stadium again where a public meeting was held. Addressing the meeting, general secretary of Naga Hoho, Neingoluo Krome said that the Naga people have witnessed bloodshed for the past 50 years and they now want peace.

The solution to the Naga problem lies in peace and unification of Naga inhabited areas, he added.

"The June 18 uprising in 2001 was significant and it has given the Nagas the opportunity to give them the required strength to fight for the unification of the Naga people," said Krome.

There cannot be any justification in any party trying to oppose the Naga unification demand, he added.

The need of the hour is to respect each other and ensure peaceful co-existence with the spirit of understanding each others' aspirations, he added.

Expressing grave concern over the opposition raised by the NSCN (K) and the NNC against the rally, Krome said that whatever internal differences there may be should be worked out together amicably.

The Naga Hoho leader reasoned that the Meitei brothers should realise that their dreams and aspirations for sovereignty may become a reality once the aspirations of Nagas are realised.

Naga Students' Federation president, Pugshike Awomei said that Nagas are one people, one Nation and added that the Naga people stand by Naga solidarity.

Without integrating the Nagas, there can be no solution to the Naga problem, he asserted and added that the decision of the Government of Manipur to declare June 18 as a State holiday is unacceptable.

It will bear no fruits to provoke the Naga people, lectured Awomei and observed that standing against the aspiration of the Naga people for peace is unacceptable.