Cabinet appeals to media for restraint
Draft memorandum for submission to PM ready, discussed thoroughly

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, October 15: Taking into consideration the prevailing fragile situation and the reach and influence of the media, the State Cabinet has today appealed to the State media including electronic media and the AIR not to publish or show provocative statements that could vitiate the situation.

The Chief Minister's Secretariat in a statement issued today said that the Cabinet discussed the present situation and decided to appeal to the media for restraint and not to publish anything inflammatory while covering the movement to protect the territory of Manipur.

The Cabinet also took serious note of the attempts made by some elements to whip up tension and sow seeds of discord amongst the different communities living in the State.

The Cabinet meeting was convened by the Chief Minister at the Cabinet Hall today at 10 am, said the statement.

The Cabinet has also appealed to the people to take advantage of the visit of the Prime Minister who is scheduled to arrive here on October 29 and remind him of the standing assurance given on the floor of the Parliament that the ongoing peace talk with the NSCN (IM) will not compromise with the territorial integrity of Manipur.

Measures on the steps to be taken up by the State Government so that the scheduled visit is not cancelled at the 11th hour due to any security reason were also discussed during the Cabinet meeting, said the statement.

The Cabinet has also appealed to the people not to whip up tension prior to the visit of the Prime Minister.

The proposed visit of the Prime Minister is the opportune moment for the people of Manipur to extract a fresh assurance that the territory of Manipur would not be compromised at all, said the statement.

Sounding a stern warning against all trouble makers, the statement said that fitting action according to law would be taken up against anyone who tries to disturb the communal peace in the name of protecting the integrity of Manipur.

Such elements will be taken as anti-people and anti-Nation, added the Cabinet.

Any efforts taken up by any NGOs in the hills and valley to promote peace and communal amity will be encouraged by the State Government said the statement adding that however the Government will not tolerate any efforts to whip up trouble.

Meanwhile a reliable source informed The Sangai Express that the SPF Government is ready to submit a memorandum to the Prime Minister when he comes visiting.

The memorandum which was prepared by a drafting committee was discussed minutely during the Cabinet meeting held today.

Among others the memorandum contained points on the territorial integrity of Manipur, said the source.

An all political party will be convened on October 17 to discuss the draft memorandum said the source.

The draft memorandum may also be presented to student bodies and voluntary organizations on the same day for further discussions.

The source said that through the memorandum the State Government will seek a clarification on the new map of Nagaland purportedly proposed by the NSCN (IM) to chalk out a solution to the peace talk.

The PM will also be urged to give a clear cut stand of the Centre on the peace talk to the people of Manipur.

The draft memorandum also contains the point to effectively implement the ceasefire ground rules between the Naga rebel group and the Government of India.

The source further said that the Prime Minister will also be urged to convert the present deficit of Rs 700 crore into a one time grant and to extend a financial package to bail the State out in line with the package awarded to Nagaland.

The Prime Minister will also be urged to settle the border dispute with Myanmar at the soonest possible, said the source.

The memorandum will also highlight the need to set up a high protection force to provide security along NH-39, NH-53 and NH-150 which connect the State to the country and to extend a rail head to Manipur.

Upgrading MU to a Central University will also feature in the memorandum, said the source.