Like the hills Govt may 'wet' valley
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 10: The State Assembly today passed 7 demands totaling Rs 59,56,18,000 unanimously.

The demands are for the State Legislature, Council of Ministers, Secretariat, Land Revenue, Stamps and Registration and District Administration, Transport, State Excise and Sales Tax, Other Taxes, Duties on Commodities and Services.

The demands for Land Revenue, State Excise and Sales Tax had to be amended in parts following cut motions put up by the Opposition.

Taking part in the discussion for the demands included in today's agenda, Chief Minister O Ibobi who also holds the Finance portfolio, said that the Government is seriously mulling over the possibilities of lifting prohibition from the valley areas.

He also asked all the members of the House to extend their co-operation to the Government on this score.

The Chief Minister further said there is no question of adopting different policies and programmes for the hills and valley.

It is to better the financial condition of the State that prohibition was lifted from the five hill districts as part of the first phase, continued the CM.

Efforts are on to lift the same from the valley area, said the CM.

Encouraging the Excise Depart in its fund drive, the Chief Minister said the returns from the Compound Fee realized by the Department this year is more than what it was in the last few years.

Admitting that there has been no drop in the sale and consumption of alcohol despite the prohibition, the Chief Minister said that prohibition has led to the drain of income with the benefits being reaped by the neighboring States.

The State Govt is trying its best to effectively collect sales tax, said the Chief Minister.

Stating that the Upendra Commission report has been received by the Cabinet, the CM said that it would be tabled in the Assembly.

Revenue Minister E Biramani said that the Govt is trying to extend the MLR and LR Act to the hill districts.