Contentious Sadar Hills issue resurfaces
Source: The Imphal Free Press

Imphal, July 04: The demand for bifurcation of Senapati district, which has been lying dormant for some time, has once again come to the fore with the SADAR hills District Demand Committee delivering an ultimatum to the state government demanding upgrading of the Sadar Hills into a full-fledged revenue district by July 15 next.

The Sadar Hill District Demand Committee, in a memorandum addressed to the chief minister, has warned that it would resort to economic blockade and bandh within the state if the government does not comply with the demand of inauguration of a full-fledged Sadar Hills district by that date.

The brief memorandum noted that the demand for inauguration of Sadar Hills into a full-fledged district is a longstanding one, and expressed regret that despite several memoranda submitted to the state government in pursuit of this demand, the government continued to neglect it.