UNC deplores slow pace of talk
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, January 31: Even as the crucial peace negotiation between Central Government representatives and the NSCN (IM) leaderships finally culminated in prolonging the ongoing ceasefire during an informal talk today leaders of Naga civil societies questioning sincerity of the Centre in solving the age-old problem have become loud and clear.

lack of sincerity on the part of New Delhi in promoting everlasting peace by solving the vexed political problem is a serious cause of great concern for Naga society, were the unanimous viewpoint shared by some Naga NGOs on being contacted.

United Naga Council, a prominent Naga organisation spearheading integration of Naga inhabited areas under a single administrative unit was of the view that only extension of ceasefire would be a futile exercise in averting bloodshed and violent incidents until and unless major demand for Naga integration is addressed in its true sense and spirit.

nevertheless, UNC president Puni Modoli highlighted that extension of the ongoing truce is a vital component of the peace negotiation as failure to reach an agreement on the ceasefire would only add misery to the Nagas as ugly head of violence would automatically rise and the Nagas made to reel under its impact.

Moreover, it would take time to sit across the negotiating table in case there is cessation of ceasefire, Modoli maintained while reiterating desire for prolonging the truce.

He, however, expressed dissatisfaction at lethargic approach of the Central Government in fulfilling the longstanding demand of the Nagas for unification of Naga inhabited areas.

The UNC leader accusing the Central Government of indulging in time wasting exercises also questioned what tangible solution had been brought by India in the last 8/9 years of lull between NSCN (IM) and security forces.

During the recent meeting with Central leaders including the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, AICC President Sonia Gandhi, Home Minister and Defence Minister �we clearly highlighted woes of the Naga people and the Centre's reluctance to address their problems', said Puni Modoli and hastened to add that the Central leaders were satisfied with the sincere appraisals of the UNC delegation.

Conveying of the Nagas' aspiration for a permanent solution to the decades old political conflict and UNC's commitment to promote peace and prosperity of the people, he said �we are firmly believe in non-violence'.

When contacted president of Dimapur Naga Students' Union Obed Quinker reflected �anxious wait' of the Naga people on the outcome of the peace talks being held at Bangkok.

Obed mooted that extension of ceasefire is a good outcome under any circumstances but truce extension merely for the namesake without endeavouring for a settlement vividly reflects Govt of India's delaying tactics.

Stating that he would rather not comment explicitly on whether prolonging ceasefire is �good or bad', the DNSU leader however insisted that the protracted Naga problem be resolved without �buying time'.