Legal action needed against Charenamei :Advocate Mani
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, April 12 2009: Noted human rights activist and advocate Khaidem Mani has categorically stated that legal action needs to be taken against the PDA candidate in the Outer Manipur Parliamentary constituency, Mani Charenamei under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for his reported speeches at election rallies that created communal hatred and antagonism among the communities co-existing in Manipur which are anti-constitutional.

Addressing a press meet in the chamber of the Advocate at Loklaobung here this afternoon, Khaidem Mani told mediapersons that he has come across certain reports published in Imphal based newspapers on April 9 which said that at an election rally held at Churachandpur, Mani Charenamei had stated that there is no mention of protection of the territorial integrity of Manipur in the oath of office and secrecy taken before entering the state legislative assembly as an MLA, and that cry for Manipur's integrity is against the constitution of India.

The reported speech of Mani Charenamei has created a gulf and sowed the seeds of enmity and hatred between the different communities, besides having the potential for provoking a communal clash, Advocate Mani said.

For allegedly having said such provocative things, legal action could be taken against him under Section 153 (A) of IPC, he said.

It is unfortunate that no one has come forward to file an FIR against Mani Charenamei for delivering such communal speech.

The fact that there is not a single individual who can challenge Mani Charenamei shows that all sections of the people including the political parties are weak, Advocate Mani said.

He said, Article 19 of the Indian Constitution provides freedom of expression.

But under the same Article, clause 2 and others impose restrictions on the freedom of expression that transgresses on sovereignty, public order and incitement of communal offence, etc.

Considering these restrictions, the reported speech of Mani Charenamei was clearly against the Indian Constitution.

Advocate Mani further said that commenting in this manner on the reported speech of Mani Charenamei is not defamatory under Section 500 IPC.

The method of campaigning by PDA candidate Mani Charenamei banking on Naga integration is a deliberate attempt to disintegrate the territorial boundary of Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh thereby causing a communal clash, the Advocate said.

In order to get votes, this candidate was saying anything as he wished to deceive the people.

But too much of saying baseless things is too dangerous and this must stop immediately, Khaidem Mani opined.

He also said that among the 543 Members of Parliament (MPs), there are only two MPs from Manipur.

Therefore, it is necessary to elect two persons who command languages, have basic knowledge on law and know the pulse of the people.

Deserving persons who will ask questions and participate in discussions in the Parliament should be elected, he said.