CM's letter to P Chidambaram
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, October 09 2009: Dear Shri P Chidambaram ji
I am constrained to place before you an issue related to the territorial integrity of Manipur that has caused shock and extreme alarm in the mind of the people of Manipur.

It was revealed through an article published in a local newspaper that the Nagaland Armed Police (NAP) has occupied structures within the boundary of Manipur.

The matter was immediately taken up with the Government of Nagaland (copy enclosed).

The reply received from Chief Secretary, Nagaland is enclosed.

It has been duly acknowledged that the NAP occupied the barracks vacated by the BSF located in the territory of Manipur "with clear understanding with the BSF".

It is not understood as to under what authority the BSF agreed to the barracks being occupied even though temporarily, by the NAP.

I wish to place on record the strong objection expressed by the people of Manipur to this action by the Nagaland Government.

While an attempt is being made to amicably settle the issue it would be worthwhile to sensitize the Nagaland Government and the BSF to refrain from such actions.

With regards,
Yours Sincerely,
O Ibobi Singh.