CM apprises PC of encroachment issue
Ibobi asks Union Home Minister to order; Nagaland to vacate Manipur's territory

Source: Hueiyen News Service / NNN

Imphal, October 09 2009: State Chief Minister O Ibobi has said that the state government will ensure that no part of Manipur will be allowed to be occupied by anybody.

He said that a letter had been sent to the Union Home Minister, P Chidambaram in connection with the reported occupation of the barrack vacated by BSF in Jessami, Ukhrul district in Manipur by Nagaland Armed Police (NAP).

He said that an official team was sent to verify the facts at that place.

The authority of Nagaland has claimed that the barrack was being occupied by the NAP temporarily with no intention to encroach on the land of Manipur.

CM Ibobi being presented a shawl by TA officers- GOC 57 Mtn Divn Shakti Gurung is also seen

The Chief Minister denied that a rest house was constructed by the Nagaland government on the territory of Manipur, and in this regard the DGP of Manipur has also sent a letter to his counterpart in Nagaland to look into the matter.

The government of India and the Union Home minister were also asked about the situation in Jessami, as to whether the Nagaland government had been granted permission to occupy the barrack vacated by the BSF, and the reply had been negative, said the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister appreciated the people of Jessami, Ukhrul district for protecting the territory of the state.

Chief Minister Ibobi said that he was not happy with the reply of the Chief Secretary of Nagaland who stated that the NAP had occupied the barrack vacated by the BSF with clear understanding with the BSF personnel that the barrack will be handed back to the BSF as soon as they come back to the location.

he chief minister further said that he had asked the Union Home Minister under what authority the BSF had permitted the NAP to occupy their barrack and how the NAP can do so as the barrack is situated inside the territory of Manipur .

He said that he has talked to the Union Home Minister personally through phone and has appealed to him to give necessary orders to the Nagaland government to vacate the barracks.

He added that 300 Village Defense Force (VDF) personnel will be recruited from Ukhrul district.

Speaking on the inquiry of the Manipur Human Rights Commission (MHRC) into the July 23 incident in which two people were killed and five were injured, the Chief Minister said that he had no objection to the MHRC inquiry.

All he wanted was the MHRC to be a little more impartial in their inquiry, as it is also a judicial body of the government.