An open letter to Mr Th Muivah on General Elections 2009
'A prophetic voice of the Naga people'

Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, April 08 2009: Dear Mr Muivah,
What you did in the assembly and parliamentary elections of Manipur in the past was tolerated by Naga people in good faith for the sake of the greater vision that you claim.

But the arbitrary blessings to candidates, as if God, were proved to be only betrayal of the people, urged only by narrow and self centred interest.

It clearly exposed how much care and love is there for the Naga people.

Please understand that Nagas have suffered a lot due to your unnecessary interference in the elections.

Let the people decide from this time onwards.

Many individuals, including MLAs are doing as you are dictating because of fear or favour of your blessing and not because they really support your wisdom.

This backmailing is clear to the people today.

Please disband your committees of cadres for the election of Mr.Mani.

These worthy cadres deserve nobler mission which do not target the Nagas.

Tell your cadres to stay away from the election.

Do not let them make phone calls to the tribal leaders with threats and promise of chances in the future.

The behaviour unknown to the Nagas must be stopped.

Do you also pray for justice, fair play and sincerity in your own dealings with the Naga people when you are not dealing with the Government of India ? The Nagas of Manipur are being further torn up as you try to put Mani Charanamei on the MP seat again.

Mani is not a politician.

He cannot do anything besides being chief guest here and there.

At the most he has read out a few readymade speeches in the parliament.

In his full 5 years as MP, he has not convinced a single MP for the simple majority required for Naga integration.

He cannot pursue the Naga agenda but with his immature statements he has created more problem and distrust among the Nagas and the Meiteis, making it much more difficult for the disadvantaged Nagas living in Manipur.

He has the distinction of being the only MP, who could be scolded by the Home Minister, GOI, when he met him at a very crucial time for Nagas and he could not say anything.

Yes, he had voted in the no trust motion in favour of the UPA and made a big thing about having bargained Naga integration for his precious vote.

But where is the fruit of that vote today apart from the cash he received for the vote which he will use during this coming election.

The record of utilization of the MP fund by him will only show who were the real beneficiaries.

The welfare of the people of outer Manipur constituency were never really in his mind and heart .

The main beneficiaries were the immediate circle of his Godfather and family, who besides cornering the MP fund also got contract, supply and business works he helped obtain using his position.

No doubt Mani did not have time to lobby for the Naga cause as he was too busy doing work for the Godfather and his family.

We do not wish another 5 years for Mani.

The family interest of Mr.Muivah and his nearness to Mani cannot make the Naga people exercise their democratic rights against their conscience.

Mr.Muivah, we think that you are too stubborn with your politics, your own understanding of how Nagas of Manipur should survive and your position as a supremo.

Nagas of Manipur are suffering and you want them to suffer more.

The great Muivah has gone down to become the destroyer of the people whose cause he had fought for many years.

This is not a prophecy from fasting and praying men and women but the opening up of the minds and hearts of many who do not have a voice before you.

We can see that with your interference more division will be created among the Nagas of Manipur, tribes will turn against tribes, frontal organizations will turn against apex bodies and vice versa.

There will be no common platform left for the Nagas of Manipur.

Every institution growing from the Naga culture will be left useless.

And all these will not be because there is a better candidate but because Mani has proved useless in the last five years and the Nagas do not want to listen to selfish dictates anymore.

The responsibility is yours and you will have to answer to Naga history with the broken Naga family in your hands .

Just as much as you are a Naga, so are we also.

You have no right to take us, Nagas on the path of self destruction which will finish our dignity, self respect, inter tribal relationship and the undefiled dream of a national goal.

We value the Naga dream and we will not wish it to be destroyed with your selfishness which denies the people's sentiment.

We appreciate your campaign for our rights in the international arena and your negotiation with the Government of India.

But when in electoral politics at home the people are fed up with your self centred thinking to decide for them.

We do not intend to insult you or disrespect you with this open letter but this is the only way we can bring out in the open the people's sentiment because their voices have been silenced by fear.

We have risked this for the sake of the dignity and self respect of the Nagas of Manipur.

Mr.Muivah, you must let the revolutionary in you change to prove meaningful to the world that is now crying for accommodation, change and reconstruction.

Talu Joseph
Convenor, Shepoumaramth Support Group
for Free and Fair Elections.
Near District Hospital, Senapati Bazaar
Senapati district HQ Manipur.
e-mail address : [email protected] .