Jessami Village Council demands guarding border village by VDF
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, November 01 2009: Putting down the plight of the villagers at state border with Nagalnad, Jessami Village Council today demanded protection of the border village with the Village Defense Force (VDF) in a memorandum submitted to the chief minister, O Ibobi.

The Jessami village at the border with six villages of Nagaland has 520 households with population of 3200.Villages of the neighbouring villages are protected by 70 to 80 village guards.

These village guards of Nagaland village guarding the six villages of the state are operating at the boundary and jungle area of Jessami village bordering with Nagaland.

Jessami villagers are treated like animal by way of threatening, harassing and firing, the village council stated in the memorandum.

The Jessami Village Council also put down some instants of harassment meted out by the Nagaland village drawing the attention of the chief minister in the memorandum informed W Kanmi, chairman of the Jessami Village Council at a press conference held at Manipur Press Club, Imphal today.

It recalled the instant occurred on February 28, 2003 which, Jessami villagers working in the field were threatened to kill, firing of around 52 rounds of bullets by the Village Guards on March 5, 2003 while villagers construct an irrigation canal at Thetsui paddy field.

At that time, captain Borerei, the post commander of 14 Assam Rifles, Jessami village verified the incident by visiting the spot personally.

Personnel of the Jessami police station also collected cartridges to proof the incident but no action taken up, they lamented in the memorandum.

Not ended with this, Village Guards also opened gate at Akash bridge and on March of the same year 2003 one W Homeson son of W Nipelo who was travelling from Jessami to Kaphire on a bus beaten up bule and black by snatching out him from among the passengers of the same bus.

The incident occurred in front of the BSF personnel.

The VGs are operating in the jungle area of Jessami from March 2003 and harassing the villagers on Manipur side.

They often open fired to the villagers by crossing the Thetsu River which marked the boundary of two states.

Considering the above stated situation of the villagers, the memorandum drew the attention of the chief minister to recruit 60 or more VDF for safeguarding the security of the people and land.

It also demanded permanent stationing of them to the village like the neighbouring villages of Nagaland.

The Jessami Village Council also submitted a list of 59 villagers who have participating in the recruitment rally of VDF recently concluded in Ukhrul district for considering for appointment.

Putting down the ceaselessly sensitive and endanger with the wild villagers of neighbouring Nagaland, the memorandum also demanded stationing of Sub-Divisional Officer.

The demand is not only for the interest of the people of Jessami but for the state as whole, it stated.

The council further demanded inauguration of the PHC which was upgraded from PHSC on December 22, 2006 and posting of full staffs and doctors stating to avoid villagers travelling 116 and 206 km for medical treatment.

While drawing the attention of the chief minister for fulfilling, the memorandum further stated that no single person from Jessami outside the village is enjoying state government job.

As the government is by the people and for the people, we also expect the equal privilege and facilities from the government.

The council also demanded restoration of earlier notification regarding inclusion of four new villages namely Kharasom CV, Kharasom Khullen, Kharasom Lazo and New Kharasom against the existing six villages namely Jessami, Soraphung, Wahong, New Tuson, Tusom Khullen and Tusom CV within Jessami constituency in the delimitation exercise for District Autonomous Council.