ANSAM against provoking Nagas
Source: The Sangai Express

Senapati, July 19 (NNN): ANSAM has accused the security forces of carrying out a �flag march� in Ukhrul few days ago with a banner pasted in front of the military vehicles provoking the Nagas.

ANSAM spokesperson Ngachonmi Chamroy said that the red banner with slogan, �Stop violence�if not the security forces will deal it� had been pasted in the vehicles and went passed in Ukhrul town few days ago.

The ANSAM spokesperson stated that such flag march was done only when the Government machinery breaks down.

He condemned the reported activities of the security forces and said that such military adventurism and �show off from the part of the security forces cannot defeat the spirit of the Nagas�.

The ANSAM spokesperson while recalling the past incidents, has stated that even when the �Manipur Assembly was burnt down and the Indian national flags were torn apart and burnt nothing such activities of the security forces were not displayed and why now�.

The spokesperson further said that various organisations and the Government had called the ongoing economic blockade as undemocratic but when some organisations had burnt down Manipur Assembly Hall and Indian flags no one had said it as undemocratic.

�Even the Government did not said anything when Indian flags and Assembly hall were burnt by the valley organisations and why now only pointing at us,� charged ANSAM spokesperson.

He then lauded the Naga Students Federation (NSF) from conducting the blockade with vigour.