Most people are seen donning whites : Dilip
Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, June 01 2009: President of United Committee Manipur (UCM), Yumnamcha Dilipkumar has said that while the people of Manipur are living in an uncertain situation, the Government of India has started interfering in the people's integrity.

It is time all people of Manipur took a resolute stand, he said.

Dilipkumar was speaking at a public meeting held at Kekrupat today as part of the observance of the Great June Uprising Day.

He said, most of the people of Manipur, irrespective of men or women, are seen wearing white clothes in plenty now-a-days.

It is because incidents of death increasing day by day.

He pointed out that every time a person is killed, the government assures of paying ex-gratia and providing a job to the family of the victim.

How long will the government continue to kill people in this manner, he asked and added that the society has come to such a pass that we cannot live without one or other crisis occuring.

Living amidst crises has become a tradition for the people of Manipur, he rued.

As such juncture, the government remains indifferent, the UCM president said and pointed out that the Kishan murder has slowly turning towards doing justice because of the people's movement.

Even the NSCN-IM which usually is high handed has bowed to the people's movement in this case.

Therefore, people must face such kind of injustice boldly without any fear.

If we can't face injustice done to us because of fear, we will fall apart, he said.

Dwelling on the present sufferings being faced by the people in the state, the UCM president further pointed out that the state forces are indulging in daily killings.

On the other hand, people are facing similar kind of atrocities from the side of the non-state forces.

People have been urging all concerned to stop all these atrocities.

JACs are being formed.

However, no positive reply from either side has come forth.

Accusations after killing a person are poured on, he said.

The UCM will always strive for protection of the territorial boundary of Manipur, and the people's movement will never fail, Yumnamcha Dilipkumar stressed.

Advisor of UCM, RK Ranendrajit, who was a presidium member at the public meeting, wanted to know if the people of the present day soceity are living with knowing their own idetity.

This question is too late to ask ourselves, he said and added that people are living a life without enjoying living and in such an uncertain manner.

The over 2000 year-old society was once on the brink of extinction, Ranendrajit recalled.

But unity of the people then had saved the society from extinction.

After Manipur was annexed to Indian democracy, the Manipur society has become stupefied, he said.

"The question that one may ask now is, who are we, how are we surviving, and what do we want? Are we living with our own fundamental right to life?" Ranendrajit asked.

President of Hericoun, Rev Chothe said, the history of today that is June 18 began from the Bangkok Declaration signed between the Centre and the NSCN-IM leaders that extended their ceasefire without territorial limits.

Rev Chothe suggested that the Civil Society Organisations of Manipur would better meet NSCN-IM leaders and discuss the issue on Manipur's territorial integrity.

He further said that Manipur has a boundary of as old as over 2000 years.

But after Manipur became a part of Indian democracy, the people in the state have not been getting the right to life, state economy remains very backward.

There is no development.

A question has arisen, what the people should do.

As such we need to take steps, the Hericoun president said.

Founder president of UCM, Sapamcha Jadumani said, it is very much necessary to let the younger generations of today know about the mass uprising of June 18, 2001 .

Following the uprising, Manipur's territorial boundary remained untouched.

It was not because of the government nor the UCM, but the movement of the people made it so.

The government must not look at the Civil Society Organisations working for protection of the state's territorial integrity wrongly.

The CSOs exist for the people, he said.

Criticising the way police detained some students under NSA without producing them in court, Jadumani said, if the sudents are guilty, they should be openly punished.

It is unfortunate that the government is trying to finish the DESAM which has been struggling for bringing the student community in the right direction and also bringing about better changes in the educational scenario in Manipur, he said and appealed to the authorities not to target DESAM.

He asked if one IRB personnel was involved in the murder of Prof Islamuddin, why has not the government banned the whole IRB battalions.

Many other leaders of different Civil Society Organisations and communities also spoke at the meeting.