IM to K: No Indian MP is our representative
Source: The Sangai Express

Dimapur, June 28 (NNN): The NSCN (IM) Zeliangrong Region has strongly denounced the statements made by the rival NSCN-K of the Zeliangrong Region with regard to the recent statement where the latter had equated Outer Parliamentary MP Mani Charenamai with the former outfit.

In a statement issued to Newmai News Network today in Dimapur by its Central Administrative Officer (CAO) MK Winning, it said that the NSCN-IM does not recognise any (Indian) MP as its (NSCN-IM) representative.

However, the statement pointed out that a �mandated Parliamentarian having the competent authority to raise their voice on any issue at the highest law making institution (Parliament) for the people they (MPs) represent from, should be regarded�.

The MP's duty has been to fulfil the election manifesto by tabling any agenda in the Parliament in the interest of the people who had voted for him, reasoned the statement issued by the Zeliangrong Region of the IM group.

The statement questioned the motive of the NSCN-K for carrying out �a failed bid on the life of an MP by terming him as being involved in the formulation of NSCN�s policies and programmes�.

�The Khaplang gang of the Zeliangrong Region has elevated the MPs to such a commendable height by heaping such allegations of impossible phenomenon�, added the statement.

The statement further said, �It is unthinkable for a functionary of one Government to formulate policies and programmes for another when the two parties are holding a dialogue�.

It also added that if the attack on the MP was on that line then the NSCN-K, Zeliangrong Region should start attacking the other MPs and decision makers who are keen to solve the long standing Indo-Naga issue inspite of the opposition from various quarters.

MK Winning also pointed out that an MP did not represent a single community but he/she represents various communities so attacking the MPs would amount to attacking the very communities which voted the MP and sent him/her to Parliment to represent them.

He also questioned the Zeliangrong Region of the NSCN-K as to which community they (NSCN-K) belong to saying that the NSCN-K had gone against the Naga people by opposing the Naga Unification rallies of June 16.The statement clarifies that the June 21 bandh called by the �Naga people� had been an agitation directed towards the Government for its �immature political decision going in the favour of one community at the expense of others� aspirations�.

MK Winning questioned the rival faction as what had been the progress of their (NSCN-K) ceasefire with the GoI till date.

He also asked the rival outfit whether it had obtained any mandate from the Naga people or whether the rival faction had shown any goodwill gestures to the aspirations of the Nagas.

He disclosed that it had established some concrete facts that certain social workers and public leaders of the Zeliangrong Region had been harbouring anti-social elements who were nurturing �ism� among the Zeliangrong..

The statement �advised� those people to repent themselves before things are too late.