Nagas' sensitiveness should be within the "limits of rationality": NPCC Chief
Source: North East Press Service - Oken Jeet Sandham

Kohima, July 26: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has reiterated that the ongoing economic blockades on Manipur by the All Naga Students Association of Manipur (ANSAM) as an "internal matter of Manipur" because it (blockades) happened as a result of that Government (Manipur)'s declaration of June 18 as State Holiday.

In a statement issued here, NPCC President Hokheto Sumi said the Nagas of Nagaland joining the ongoing economic blockades by ANSAM would surely "create a bad impression on the minds of the other communities which, in the long the long run, will result in our making more enemies than friends".

"It is not that if the blockade continues our demand for integration would be met," Sumi said cautioning instead of creating "goodwill with other communities, we could very well find ourselves creating ill will amongst the different communities by our actions".

The NPCC President further pointed out they had no comment on the decision of the Manipur Government declaring June 18 as State Holiday as it was purely an "internal affair of the Government of Manipur." And therefore when the economic blockades were in Manipur, what was the logic about the destruction spree in Nagaland, he asked.

He said, "If Nagas of Nagaland were to show their solidarity with their fellow Naga brethren of Manipur, it would be more than symbolic if volunteers could go to Manipur and join the Naga protestors there".

Asking those Naga NGOs which represented several tribes of Nagaland not to have "double standards," Sumi asserted on the one hand, "they (Naga NGOs of Nagaland) say they are concerned about the difficulties and inconveniences that the people living in Imphal valley have to undergo because of the economic blockade, but on the other, they support the agitation here in Nagaland which is accentuating the plight of the people in Manipur." The people could see "through this crocodile-tears attitude and may not hold much regard for such organizations in future," the NPCC Chief explained.

Describing unfortunate the more divisions cropped up on tribal lines as a fallout of the ongoing agitation as was evident from the non-participation of two major tribes of Nagaland in the proposed "Solidarity Rally" in Dimapur last week, the NPCC Chief said, "If we do not let political wisdom and foresight guide our actions or plans, it would appear that instead of integrating the Nagas, Nagas are on the verge of being disintegrated".

Pointing out that Nagas should not be swayed away by "emotions since emotions tend to blind," Sumi averred their sensitiveness should be within the "limits of rationality".

"We should never be insensitive nor should we be over sensitive to political or administrative issues," the Nagaland Congress Chief said.

"A common aspiration of the Naga people is to live in peace---with themselves and (also) with all neighboring communities--- and no individuals or organizations should deviate from this aspirations or try to insult anybody's intellect".