Student bodies to take up campaign against divisive policies
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 18: Categorically accusing the Centre of playing the divide and rule policy under the shadow of the economic blockade launched by ANSAM, three powerful student organisations of the State, AMSU, DESAM and MSF today said that they will soon launch a concerted campaign to make the State self reliant to defeat the divisive policies of New Delhi.

Talking to newsmen, leaders of the three student bodies today said that their campaign would focus on encouraging the use of indigenously produced goods and to increase its productivity and discourage use of goods imported from outside.

Recalling that Manipur was once an independent land having its resources and did not depend on others, the student leaders said that it is highly unfortunate that today the economy of Manipur has become dependent on others.

The campaign will also focus on the need to respect and protect the distinct identity of different communities residing in Manipur and to share each others' sorrow and joy to strengthen the age old ties that bind the people together.

The student leaders also made it clear that if any attempt is made to quell the campaign launched against the divisive policies of India, then they will only intensify their campaign.

DESAM president L Romesh addressing the reporters said that despite the sufferings faced by the people due to the economic blockade, it has given the strength and the resilience to the people to find ways to stand on their own feet without depending on others.

The State Government fell into the trap laid by the Centre, said Romesh and added that it is highly unfortunate that some section of society too has fallen prey to the designs of the Indian Government to sow the seeds of distrust amongst the people.

The people should not live under the shadow of such tactics deployed by the Indian Government, he asserted.

Striking a mature tone, the student leader said that if some souls pass away in the movement for self determination, the fruits of their sacrifices will be received by the future generations.

However if any communal discords arise, then the coming generation will inherit a place full of enmity and distrust.

Given this reality, it is important for the people to identify their enemies and to oppose them, added Romesh.

AMSU leader Ksh Umesh said that the decision of the Naga Students' Federation to spear head the agitation in Nagaland merits serious thoughts and added that it (AMSU) has also taken a serious note of some MLAs appending their signatures endorsing the formation of Greater Nagaland even though the State Assembly had passed resolutions five times earlier pledging to protect the integrity of Manipur.

He also questioned what action the State Government is contemplating to take.

MSF president S Sanjoy said that the Centre should take note of the fact that while they are cooking up the divide and rule policy to fragment Manipur, the entire NE region will one day break away from the Indian Union.

Sanjoy also asked ANSAM to call off its economic blockade keeping in mind suffering of the people.