CORE, NNP concerned
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 14: Expressing deep regret at failure of Manipur Government to command wide consensus of all the communities living in the State before declaring June 18 as State Holiday the Centre for Organisation Research and Education asked the Government to respect popular sentiment while striving to resolve the current impasse.

Demanding immediate withdrawal from adopting confrontationist method to solve economic blockade dispute, reign-in police and other security personnel from aggravating the already tense situation and institution of �impartial� judicial inquiry on the July 9 firing and civilian injury case at Senapati district, the Organisation also expressed that the injured should be adequately compensated apart from bearing treatment related expenses.

Conveying solidarity to the injured TH Stephen and D Hriinu in the firing incident the CORE also condemned the IRB personnel involved in the unmindful act.

Applauding organisations concerned taking the initiatives in checking escalation of tension, the human rights body also questioned rationale of declaring June 18 as State Integrity as August 4 is being observed on the same line.

There is no need to gratify temporal sectarian interests while sacrificing genuine investment in the larger and long-term future of harmony, meaningful sharing of resources, inter-dependence and mutual respect amongst the communities, said the CORE in a statement.

Meanwhile, accusing Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh of stirring the tribal communities� sentiment through his unilateral declaration of June 18 as State Integrity Day and Holiday the Naga National Party (NNP) cast suspicion of Ibobi�s hasty decision as a fallout of motivation by certain forces to gain political mileage.

Expressing doubt of the declaration ever able to bring more unity amongst different communities or commensurate in protection of territorial integrity of the State, the political body desired that the Centre intervene and ask the Ibobi-led Government to step down to pave the way for Central Rule in order to preserve peaceful co-existence in the NE region and Manipur in particular.

Castigating the CM and his ministerial colleagues on failure to reach out to the sentimentally hurt hill district people the NNP observed that such callous attitude had provoked the Naga people to resort to violent agitation resulting in destruction of Government offices.