AMCO appeals to exercise franchise conscientiously
Source: The Sangai Express / Newmai News Network

Imphal, January 14: The All Manipur Christian Organisation (AMCO) today urged the electorates to conscientiously exercise their democratic rights enshrined in the August Constitution of franchise in the forthocming general Assembly election in Manipur by chosing the right candidates, saying the precious rights given by the Almighty God should not be abused.

The statement jointly signed by AMCO president Rev..SPrim Vaiphei and its general secretary Aram Pamei mentioned that the prevailing chaos and turmoil besetting the social order of Manipur State are nothing but the direct repercussions of the past misdeeds.

"It is high time for people from all walks of life to wake up from our deep slumber and make a thorough introspection of our own selves.

Let us not abuse the precious right given to us by Almighty God.

Our benevolent God has been kind and gracious enough to endow us with Parliamentary Democratic form of governance and as such we are given the discretion to choose any kind of government which will be wholly our own doing", said the AMCO statement.

The statement cited that at this crucial and critical juncture, voters are earnestly appealed to exercise one's democratic rights by chosing those leaders who possess vision, goal, statesmanship, understanding and respect to multi ethnic/plural identity, God fearing, courageous, impartial and strong propagators and defenders of justice, man of integrity to serve the downtrodden, high sense of responsibilities, accountabiltiy and free from corruption, having exemplary moral character and genuine concern for the land and people among other things.

" May the Lord bless and revisit our trouble ridden and God-forsaken land of Manipur again, through the courtesy of the forthcoming Assembly election and lead us to prosperity by providing us with good leaders.May the Lord stretch out His loving hand upon us so that peace,harmony tranquility and fraternity may prevail, concluded the statement.