After festive spell, election fever grips Churachandpur
Source: The Sangai Express / S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, January 09: A week after the festive spell, Churachandpur has woken up to a spate of political melee as contending MLAs start spelling their charms to woo the electorates.

In a meeting at former Minister Hangkhanpau's residence here a troop of Baite tribes belonging to Pantha Areas of Singngat constituency pledged their allegiance to their host. The development is likely to upset the sitting MLA Thangso Baite as Pantha area has always been a base for him.

The Baite community that pledged their allegiance to the former Minister today include Thangneo Baite, Dr Lalboi Baite and village chiefs of Moljol, Hengken and Lungngil all of whom were former loyalists of the incumbent MLA.

Endowed with more than three thousand voters the area provided the edge to Thangso Baite in the last election, whoever his laxity and inaction on addressing their grievances has lead to the exodus, said Dr Lalboi Baite.

In yet another development, N Pauchindou today hosted a dinner for village chief and leaders of various communities apparently in a bid to obtain their support.

An incumbent SDC of Henglep who had tendered his resignation in order to contest the election, Pauchindou claimed that the miserable plight of his people compelled him to seek the peoples consent.

Economic and education backwardness were his two main concerns, he said as the people in this remote constituency fail to accumulate enough food grains and all the educational institutions were functioning only in name.

ZWO project receives military thrust: With the sole objective to improve the subjugated economic life of various hill tribes, Zomi Welfare Organisation (ZWO) on the sixth of November last initiate a pilot project which its believe would serve as a model for many at Tuithapi village, about 5 kms from here.

The project that breed various cash crops was envisage to be a model for the farming community and was launch by a group of London based local youths.

Project manager of the organization Thanglalmuan Hauzel, an MBA graduate from New Castle University, London in an exclusive chat with this correspondent today claimed that the project is destined to be an effective model for the local communities.

Impress by the efforts of the well educated community, Major R Malik of the 3 AR today visited the project site and share his own ideas and expertise besides promising all assistance in his capacity.

In addition to assuring assistance to ZWO, Major Malik pledge to look into and attend the various grievances of Tuithapi villagers under the Military Civic Action programme.

Jathropa plants and water pipes were some of the assistance the military pledge to donation while visiting the site.