Eco-blockade against humanity in general, says MUSU
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 30: Manipur University Students´┐Ż Union (MUSU) has stated that the ANSAM-sponsored-indefinite blockade along the National Highways thereby cutting off the main lifelines of the people is not only against the various ethnic groups living in Manipur but against the whole humanity as well.

In a statement, the students´┐Ż body observed with each passing day the picture is becoming more clear at whose instigation the present agitation is being spearheaded and the real motive behind it.

While noting that a nation should have its own tradition, culture and script, MUSU said it could not be created out of nothingness.

National formation has to come only after ethnic formation and not vice-versa.

It should be cleared to those who are extending support to the ongoing agitation of ANSAM that a nation could not be created by terrorising the people at gun-point, the student body said, adding that before dreaming of Naga unification, ANSAM should first of all bring about unity and win the confidence of all the ethnic groups instead of targeting the people and vehicles passing in front of their courtyard.

It is illegal and a crime.

Manipur is home to many groups of people and no one can overlook the interest of the others, MUSU said, adding that it is really unfortunate that ANSAM has been misguided and fallen prey to the snare spread out by divisive forces.

Contending that the crux of the present deadlock lies in the ongoing peace talks between the NSCN (I-M) and the Government of India, MUSU categorically charged the Government of India with playing with the divide and rule policy among the people of the North Eastern States.

The silence being maintained by Centre instead of taking up any measures to ameliorate condition of the people who are reeling under the impact of the economic blockade for the last more than one month is ample proof of the discrimination against the people of Manipur.