Kuki Students Organization questions motives of NSCM (IM)�s handling of alleged killer of Lungnila
Source: North East Press Service

Imphal, January 23 (NEPS): The Kuki Students Organization (KSO) has vehemently reacted the manner in which the NSCN (IM) handled the alleged king pin of the Lungnila Elizabeth kidnap-murder case, James Kuki and further questioned �How could a citizen of India be detained without any physical evidence by an underground outfit which has a direct communitization with the Government of India?� In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister of India, the KSO President L Kamkhohao Khongsai asked the former (PM) whether the Government of India had authorized the NSCN (IM) to conduct alleged murder trial openly on the �basis of information extracted/presented by another underground outfit.� The KSO also wanted to know whether any provision was there in the laid down Cease Fire Ground Rules between the Government of India and the NSCN (IM) that an alleged criminal of Indian citizen could be tried outside the country�s court of law.

�If indeed, the dictates of the undergound outfits are to be honored and accepted by the Government, we would like to ask the Government of India whether the general public should rest all their cases to underground outfits� court rather than the Government�s courts in future,� Khongsai asserted.