Several bodies condemn murder of Lungnila
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, November 15: The Naga Students' Union Delhi strongly condemned the senseless and brutal killing of baby Lungnila Elizabeth.

In a statement, the Union stated that the crime perpetrated on a young innocent child of eight bespeaks of an utterly inhuman behavior that cannot be condoned by any civilized society.

The horrendous crime is beyond belief and completely intolerable, said the statement.

Stating that the despicable act of destruction wrought by the killers has left a horrible scar in everyone's heart and anger in every right thinking human being, the union said adding the deplorable murder reflects nothing less than a complete disregard to human life and values.

The union also expressed its deepest condolences to the family in grief of an irreparable loss.

The Union urges all right thinking people to come forward and unequivocally condemn such dastardly act and ensure that the cowardly perpetrators be booked at the earliest.

Zomi Human Rights Foundation HQs Lamka has condemned in strongest terms the inhuman kidnapping and cold blooded murder of Lungnila Elizabeth (8) d/o GAD and Taxation Minister Francis Ngajokpa.

In a statement, the Zomi Human Rights Foundation stated that such despicable act of barbarism shows a sign of desperation on the part of the kidnappers, unsparing innocent civilian particularly children as soft target and added that the kidnapper's failure to comply to the innumerable public appeals and subsequent killing of the kidnapped child even after receiving the ransom money is most unfortunate.

Expressing their deepest condolence to the bereaved family, ZHRF appeals to concerned authority to hunt down the kidnappers, disclose their identity and take exemplary action against them at the earliest so that innocent civilians may live in peace.

The Kuki National Front (Military Council) has also condemned the brutal murder of Lungnila Elizabeth.

Expressing its condolences to the bereaved family members, KNF (MC) Chief in Command Th German Kuki stated that such activities are performed by anti revolutionary gangs whose main motive is only money.

It also appealed to all the co-revolutionary outfits to trace the culprits and give capital punishment to the murderers to prevent similar incidents in future.

The Anal Naga Union, Anal Women Union, Anal Students Union, Anallon Chiefs Association and Anal Christians Forum gave a bandh call at Chandel district from 4 am of November 17 to 4 am of November 18 to protest non arrest of culprits involved in the killing of Lungnila Elizabeth.

In a joint statement, these Organizations condemned the brutal killing of the school going student.

It also warned private passenger vehicle operators not to venture out during the bandh.

The Halleluyah Gospel Team, NE-India, the 7th Finance Commission�s Quarter Area Shanao Long, Ukhrul also condemned the killing.

Reacting strongly against the kidnapping and subsequent killing of Lungnila Elizabeth, the Tangkhul Aze Katamnao Long has appealed to the State Govt to leave no stones unturned in apprehending the killers and award them befitting punishment for their barbaric deeds to prevent similar acts in future, said a press release.

Stating that the ransom given to the kidnappers should be returned double the amount given, the release reiterated that all the kidnappers should be punished and non should be let free without punishment.

The Long also shares the pain and trauma of the bereaved family members.

Describing the murder of Lungnila Elizabeth as inhuman and barbaric, Gedeon Kuki secretary Information and Broadcasting of the Kuki National Front has appealed to all the underground groups to hunt down the killers and punished them for their gruesome deed.

He further stated that KNF will not spare the culprits if they happen to fall into their hands and added that the front would also take up all necessary measure to nab the culprits.

Dimthanlong Youth Club Loktak Project and Loktak Project Area Women Society South Zone while strongly denouncing the brutal murder of Lungnila Elizabeth by her kidnappers, has clarified that Gaipoklung Dangmei and his daughter in law Sophiya Dangmei who were arrested on suspicion ground in connection with the killing are innocent civilians who have nothing to do with the murder of Lungnila.

The club further appeals to the authorities concerned to release them at the earliest.

Meanwhile, chief of Charoi Khulen Village Authority Loktak Leimatak Road has also clarified that KC Robby who was arrest-ed yesterday by the police on suspicion is an innocent social worker.

The chief also appeals to the State Govt to release him immediately.

On the other hand, Alar Thoitak Chiru president Chiru Community Development Assn Manipur on behalf of the Chirus has also expressed his deep condolences to the bereaved family members of Francis Ngajokpa, said press release.

He also assured that Chirus would definitely take up appropriate actions against Rubby if he is found involved in the brutal murder of Lungnila.

He further clarified that Rubby had been outcasted from the Chiru community since 1980 due to his bad character and is not in any way related with the community in any manner.

Meanwhile, Youth Integration Club (YIC), Lamjaotongbam Gram Panchayat, Staffs of City Dental Clinic, Naga Employees Welfare Federation Manipur, Tangkhul People's Organization Imphal, Oriental College Students Union, Teaching and Non teaching Staffs' Association Naorem Birahari College Khundrakpam, the Patronized Immorality H/S School Sagolband Moirang Hanuba, Children's Ideal H/S Kwakeithel Imphal, Binapani and Sunita Tutorial Home Kwakeithel, Huyen Lallong Manipur Thang-ta Cultural Assn, All Manipur Art and Culture and Sports Development Society, Chiru Fellowship Imphal, Continue of Care Projects Medical Director Complex Lamphelpat, Northern Students' Club Khundrakpam, Chief Association Longpi Area Nungba Sub Division Tamenglong, Kongjeng Hazari Leikai Youth Development club, Teaching and non teaching staff of DM College of Commerce, Lilong Hr Sec, Family Planning Assn of India Manipur Branch, Zeliangrong Union Nungba Zone, Sagolband Lamjing Nupi Lup, All Manipur Students Union Yiripok, The Ideal Blind School Takyel Social Welfare Complex, The Cachar Road Athletic Union, Principal, staff and Students of Manipur Public School Koirengei, Monsang Students Union, Human Resource Development and Research Institute Canchipur while strongly condemning the killing have also expressed its deep condolences to the bereaved family members.

The Halleluyah Gospel Team, NE-India, the 7th Finance Commission�s Quarter Area Shanao Long, Ukhrul also condemn the killing.

Chandel bandh: The Anal Naga Union (ANTA), Anal Women Union (ASR), Anal Students Union (ALT), Anallon Chiefs Association and Anal Christians Forum have called a bandh of Chandel district from 4 am of November 17 to 4 am of November 18 in protest against the non arrest of the culprits involved in the killing of Lungnila Elizabeth.

Protest rallies: Reacting strongly against the senseless and brutal murder of GAD and Taxation Minister Francis Ngajokpa's daughter Lungnila Elizabeth, players and coaches of Youth Affairs and Sports Department Regular Coaching Centre and Sports Authority of India (NERC Imphal) jointly staged a silent protest rally in the city this morning.

The rallyist began the protest rally from Khuman Lampak Main Stadium and then snaked its way through Minuthong North AOC, Khoyathong, Thangmeiband and Dingku Road before finally converging at the Khuman Lampak Main Stadium.

As a mark of respect to the departed soul of Lungnila, the rallyists also observed two minutes silence at the Main Stadium.

It may be noted here that various play cards condemning the killing as well as demanding punishment to all the kidnappers were also displayed during the rally.

Mean- while, the rallyist have strongly condemned the unruly behavior of Imphal West SDPO who used derogatory words and even tried to manhandled some of the coaches and players while trying to enter the Thangal Bazar area.