MSAD to rally against blockade, partisan policies
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 08: In the wake of the prolonged economic blockade imposed by ANSAM and NSF along the National Highways that connect Manipur with the rest of the world causing untold hardships to the people, Manipur Students� Association, Delhi (MSAD) would organised a collective peace rally on August 10 at Parliament Street, Delhi.

Informing this in a statement, Association general secretary P Rakesh said that the proposed peace rally is a collective endeavour by various communities and organisations from North East India to appeal to ANSAM and NSF to withdraw their protracted economic blockade in the interest of the people of Manipur.

The peace rally would also put across the stand of the people to the Government of India to resist strongly the partisan policy being adopted towards the people of Manipur on ethnic lines and any attempt to disintegrate the territorial integrity of Manipur, he added.

The student leader asserted that the need for registering a collective protest is heightened as the Government of India fails to adhere to the basic ethos of Indian Constitution.

Reacting to the remarks of Joint Secretary in-charge of North East Region in Union Home Ministry Rajeev Agarwal who in his response to the long stretched economic blockade, hinted at the prospect of bypassing the State Government to reach out to the agitators, Rakesh observed that this total bypassing of the State is a clear indication of surpassing federal structures by the Centre in contradiction to the Constitution.

This total disregard is a reflection of the inherent and historical politics that overpower the autonomy of smaller States and duly elected representatives, he added.

The Centre with all �overpowering attitude� has revealed that States like Manipur will always live at the mercy of the Centre.

That is why the Centre air lifted essential commodities for the people of Manipur, he maintained, adding that the people all across North East need to understand now how the Centre intends to overpower our autonomy and tag permanently a dependent, enviable and unsustainable economic relationship.

The proposed peace rally is, therefore, taken as a search for a collective understanding on the realities that grossly affects all the communities and States in the North East.

Any failure to identify such imperial agenda of the Government of India would only create enemies among the co-existing people, he cautioned.