Naga Hoho rings out message loud and clear
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 27 (NNN): In a paradigm shift from the past practice of 'guarded words and actions', the apex tribal body of Nagaland, the Naga Hoho sent a clear message that Nagas would never compromise on their birthright and if need be fight in the street.

"In politics nothing can be achieved through emotions.

One has to be decisive and if necessary use even muscle power," said Naga Hoho vice president, Keviletuo Angami while addressing a mammoth gathering of Nagas at the Martyrs Day function held at Mao Gate on Saturday.

The programme was organized commemorating the 58 anniversary of the 'No Tax Campaign' of 1948 Naga upraising against the Manipur Raja.

Keviletuo also hinted about the Hoho's launching of its second phase of action on Naga integration.

He urged the Nagas to be ready to come out to the street to defend their birthright.

He termed the steps of the Naga legislators in Arunachal Pradesh as 'bold' but blasted the elected Naga representatives of Manipur for their lack of courage to project the Naga issue in the political forum.

Recalling the recent joint memorandum submitted to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh by the Naga MLAs and MPs from Manipur, who later denied the same in Manipur, the Naga Hoho leader said, "I don't understand why we keep this kind of leaders".

In an oblique reference to sitting Rajya Sabha MP from Manipur, Rishang Keishing, Keviletuo said not only the recent incident but during the sixties also Keishing had signed documents in favour of Naga issue but later denied and signed other anti-Naga documents.

"His excuse is that he is a Naga by birth but Manipuri by citizen.

Nagas cannot accommodate such traitors anymore," the Naga Hoho vice president said.

Further, he denied reports and rumours that certain, tribes among the Nagas were not Nagas and urged people to refrain from spreading such rumours adding Nagas would live as one people when they achieved a solution of the political problem.

In this connection, Keviletuo sought the contribution of all Nagas.

He asked the Nagas to stop using terms such as Nagas of Manipur, Arunachal, Assam, Myanmar or Nagaland.

Stating that language is part of integration of a people or a nation, he stressed that the Nagas looked into this aspect.