Sajibu Khudol Tamba concludes
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, April 25 2009: Along with hosting the last programme at Mao in Senapati district today, the Sajibu Khudol Tamba Egee Khongul Liba of All Manipur Ethnical Socio-Cultural Organisation (AMESCO) concluded for this year.

After hosting the programme at different parts of the State with the main objective of promoting emotional ties among the hill and the valley people, the last programme was held at Kalinamai of Mao today along presentation of gifts to the brothers of Kalinamai and Pfikoma by their sisters from the valley.

Chairman of Kalinamai M Khoni, secretary of Kalinamai B Nani, chairman of Pfikoma D Sani, president of Poirei Leimarol Meira Paibi Apunba Lup Memchoubi and vice president of AMESCO attended the programme as presidium members.

Explaining the underlining meaning behind hosting the programme of Sajibu Khudol Tamba Egee Khongul Liba, secretary of AMESCO S Nando presentation of gifts to their brothers by their sisters to reaffirm their bonding at the start of a new year has been a customary practice in the State even before the different groups of people living in the State today came to be known by different names.

However, the joint participation of the hill and the valley people in gift exchange programme had been stopped as an account of narrow religious outlook.

So it has been a sincere efforts of the AMESCO to promote emotional ties once again through hosting of Sajibu Khudol Tamba Egee Khongul Liba programme.

Former ZEO Kh Asuli who was also present and spoke at the occasion observed that Manipur is only a single State and the gap that is existing among the people today is due to lack of communication.

So all of us to forget the past and work together for unity and communal harmony.

B Sani noted that the programme of Sajibu Khudol Tamba Egee Khongul Liba is a very significant programme that would help in promoting cordial relationship among the hill and the valley people who are in fact members of the same family.

Memchoubi called upon the people to give up narrow parochial outlook and work together for development of the Manipuri society without any room for misunderstanding.