Left share stir plan on Monika issue
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 10: The Left Coordinating Committee has suggested different and unique form of protest against the exclusion of weightlifter Laishram Monika Devi from the Indian contingent for the ongoing Beijing Olympic Games.

Contending that preventing Monika from participating in the Olympics with unfounded charges reflect political manipulation and deeply rooted corruption in indian sports, Left Coordinating Committee's Convenor L Sotinkumar said SAI retracting from its initial report of Monika's doping test turning out to be positive and the IOA citing time constraint for her exclusion is a serious offence against a sportsperson.

The Committee is a joint panel of Left parties CPI and CPI (M).

Among others the Committee appealed to the people of Manipur to refrain from watching the Olympic Games on television on the August 13 Patriots' Day observation in addition to expressing keen desire that electronic and print media abstain from covering Olympic events on August 14 as a mark of protest.

Iterating that inspite of its miniature size, Manipur is a force to reckon with in the arena of sports besides its culture gaining global recognition, Sotinkumar said denying Monika to compete with the world's best in beijing is an affront to the people of manipur.

Further maintaining that Monika's exclusion is deliberate and pre-planned, the Convenor demanded termination of Indian Olympic Association's President Suresh Kalmadi, IOA Secretary Randhir Singh and Union Sports Minister MS Gill from their respective posts.

Sotinkumar said a memorandum would be forwarded to the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh tomorrow for appropriate punitive action against those responsible for Monika missing a chance to compete in the beijing Olympics in addition to approaching Left MPs to take up the issue of nepotism and favouritism in Indian sports in the forthcoming monsoon session of Parliament.

Opining that monetary influence and prevailing social system of India are the main impediments in the country repeatedly failing to excel in international level sports competitions, he affirmed that until and unless there is political manipulation and corruption India's sports movement would continue to be at the receiving end.

Joining the media briefing, State unit's CPI (M) Secretary Sarat Salam expressed strong resentment that the Delhi-based Sports Authority of india which was actually established to explore and nurture sporting talents from the grassroots level is at present the main culprit responsible for curbing deserving individuals their rightful place to compete at the global level.

Secretariat Member of the CPI (M) Shanta pledged unwavering support of the Left Coordinating Committee to any movement launched on the issue of Monika's exclusion from the Olympics.

He appealed to the people of Manipur to stay away from Olympic events' telecast on the Patriots' Day and urged media houses to exclude the sports extravaganza on August 15 .

Meanwhile, AMYPO general headquarters conveyed strong resentment for the exclusion of Monika Devi and demanded that services of CBI sleuths be roped in to investigate the matter for the sake of justice.