KLA breaks silence, refutes ransom story
Wolfgang likely to be released within one week's time, �questioning� on

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, March 28: Breaking its silence over the abduction of German national Heinrich Wolfgang, the Kuki Liberation Army, today set the record straight and stated that the German national was not abducted for ransom but for questioning and added that he would be released within a week's time.

Heinrich Wolfgang was abducted by KLA cadres from Moirang Purel on March 23 while he had gone there to over see the work progress of a project at Maphou Dam funded by his organization.

Speaking to newsmen today, the director of publicity and information of the outfit, Malsawm Vaiphei said that KLA is fully aware that Heinrich is here to over see project for the development of the State and re-reiterated that he was abducted not for ransom.

KLA has not served any ransom note either to the Government or any NGO, said Malsawm.

The ransom story was floated to tarnish the image of the KLA, he added.

Divulging the main reason for abducting Wolfgang, Malsawm said that he was abducted to get a true picture of the manner in which the NGOs are funded by Wolfgang's organization.

The KLA has been able to know a number of things after questioning Wolfgang, he further said.

Malsawm said that the questioning of Wolfgang has revealed one important point and elaborated that there is intense political propaganda to the effect that of the nine districts in the State the people of six districts support the Naga freedom movement.

The KLA is against such propaganda, said Malsawm and added that the outfit would have been satisfied if only it acknowledged the fact that the Kukis are against the Naga movement.

Other important points the KLA has been able to know will be highlighted to the people at the opportune moment.

Answering queries from the media persons, Malsawm said that Wolfgang is in good health and added that he is fed properly.

The German national has not been tortured or roughed up in any way, he maintained.

To another question on when Wolfgang is expected to be released, Malsawm said that he may be released within the next six days.

However his release will come only after KLA has finished questioning him properly, he added.

Sounding a firm warning, the KLA member said Wolfgang's life may be in jeopardy if the security personnel launch a rescue operation or if they cross Yairipok, Keithelmanbi, Moirang Purel and Andro and harass the public.

Malsawm also acknowledged the appeals issued by the MPLF, AMSU, AMUCO and other voluntary organizations to release Wolfgang safely.

Meanwhile Dr Th Suresh Singh Assistant Director, Health on behalf of Manipuri students studying in Germany has appealed for the safe release of the abducted Heinrich Wolfgang.