Opposition DPA starts muscle flexing exercise
Predicts end of SPF coalition Govt is at hand, accuses Cong of institutionalizing defection

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 27: Predicting that the fall of the SPF coalition Government is at hand former Deputy Chief Minister and chairman of the Opposition, Democratic People's Alliance, Dr L Chandramani today said that the seeds of self destruction were sown when the Congress master minded the defection of 8 MLAs within the Front coalition partners and another three Samata Party MLAs from the Opposition bloc.

Addressing a news conference at the office of the MPP today, the FPM president said that the defection and merger of the 11 MLAs was in complete violation of the MoU reached between the Front partners and predicted that the merger can be read as the beginning of the end of the coalition Government.

Dr Chandramani reminded all that when 10 of the 11 elected Congress MLAs led by Radhabinod Koijam defected to the Samata Party in the last Assembly, AICC leaders like Pranab Mukherjee had denounced the defection and demanded on the floor of Parliament that the State Assembly which was under animated suspension should be dissolved.

However in a complete U-turn the AICC high command had approved the defection and merger of 11 MLAs with the Congress, said Chandramani, accusing the party of indulging in double speak.

Accusing the Congress of institutionalizing defection in Manipur, Dr Chandramani said the mandate of the people in the 8th Assembly was not for any particular party.

He also gave a brief historical account of how Congress started the trend of defection since 1972.On the stand of the Chief Minister that the merger will strengthen the hand of the SPF coalition, Chandramani questioned whether any differences had cropped up amongst the Front partners to merit the defection and the merger adding that the Congress and the Chief Minister owes an explanation to the people of Manipur.

The defection and merger of three NCP MLAs with the Congress barely half a month after NCP president Sharad Pawar had ensured that the Congress led coalition Government in Maharashtra was not dethroned speak volumes about the sincerity of the Congress towards its partners, he added.

Chandramani also said there is no reason to believe that the Government will be stable as there are lots of resentment amongst the Front MLAs over portfolio allocations.

The cracks will erupt anytime, he predicted.

The admission of Wungnaoshane Keishing and Korungthang to the Congress without consulting either Rishang Keishing and Morung Makunga is sure to rock the Congress party even though its number may have increased in the Assembly, noted Chandramani.

Korungthang and Morung are from the same constituency while Wungnaoshang defeated Rishang in the 8th Assembly election.

Engineering defection while the people are still apprehensive over the territorial integrity of Manipur has exposed the true colours of the Congress, said Chandramani.

No one knows what will happen on August 1 when the cease fire between the two entities expires.

On the defection of the three Samata Party MLAs, Chandramani said the DPA will not suffer.

It is better that such power hungry MLAs switch side now, he said.

MPP president O Joy said the only 'achievement' the SPF has to show is the merger of 11 MLAs with the Congress and added that even the CPI which had been crying hoarse against horse trading and defection has quietly accepted the defection and merger engineered by the Congress.

He also said the Congress has given a whipping to the MoU signed between the Front partners.

Joy confidently predicted that if the Ibobi Ministry fails to pass the 'Monsoon Session test' then the Government will collapse by August or September.