DPA demands resignation of Speaker, ministers: Lungnila case
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, January 24: Opposition alliance enraged over the remark made by chief minister O Ibobi Singh Thursday on their nexus with the NSCN (IM) returned the favor in the same coin alleging a massive cover up to protect the offenders in the Lungnila Elizabeth kidnapping-murder case.

The opposition also demanded the resignation of works minister, G Gaikhangam, tribal development minister Ngamthang Haokip and Speaker of the state assembly, TN Haokip ahead of an independent CBI enquiry as a mandatory step and prerequisite to facilitate a free and fair probe.

Providing a peek into the possible at the two-day assembly session on February 7 and 9, it also announced that a no-confidence motion against TN Haokip have been submitted for permission.

MPP president Okram Joy claimed that such a move became necessary as they felt that following the recent events, his occupation of the chair could lower the dignity of the August House.

The expected reaction came two days after chief minister Ibobi went public with his theory of a combined effort from the opposition and the separatist group to destabilize his government in response to the implication of two ministers and the Speaker by the NSCN (IM) of aiding James Kuki, the alleged mastermind in the murder of the seven year-old daughter of Francis Ngajokpa, GAD minister.

Reacting to charges of the coveted pact with NSCN (IM) aimed at toppling the current government, former BJP state unit president Meinam Bhorot stated even for the sake of argument such an alliance was unnecessary as the anti-defection regulations have virtually sealed all doors to effect a split in the ruling parties.

As such, Ibobi remark was absurd and out of tune, he maintained.

Other Democratic Peoples Alliance leaders pointed at a concerted move being attempted emanating from the top level of the government to conceal the real facts and motives behind the death of Lungnila.

The manner in which James Kuki eluded the state police even after a red alert was sounded and stagnancy of the investigation could not be mere coincidence, they stated.

There are clear evidences that the police force was not allowed to function at its optimal level due to political interference, Joy alleged.

Joy went on to draw the conclusion that the gory murder was the culmination of internal rivalries within the ruling front and the effort to bury the truth was solely to protect them.

Bhorot added that the cabinet's acquiescence on a CBI inquiry, reversing its previous resolutions just after the NSCN (IM)'s exposure, itself was self-incriminating.

The approval could possibly mean that chief minister had doubts about the honesty of his colleagues, he added.

However, the opposition expressed apprehension that merely handing over the case to the CBI will not ensure free trial if the ministers and Speaker remain in their offices.

They argued on their likelihood of exercising their power and hampering the investigation.

It had demanded that until proven innocent of the charges, either the trio should step down voluntarily from their posts or the chief minister should proceed to remove them.

The leaders further forwarded a plea to the girl's father, Francis Ngajokpa to abdicate his ministership as it could mar his whole political career.

They questioned, the logic of his continued faith in the administration, which have failed abjectly to identify the culprits who had committed the dastardly murder.

On the other hand, DRPP leader, RK Anand castigated O Ibobi of managing a campaign to mislead the public opposition parties to create a chaotic atmosphere resembling the June 18, 2001 incident.