Private resolution : House for deletion of Lim clause in NPCC manifesto
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, February 22: A private member resolution moved by the Opposition MPP to withdraw the 16-point agreement included in the election manifesto of the Nagaland Congress election as well as endorsement of the same by AICC secretary Siddharth Patil has been unanimously passed by the Manipur Legislative Assembly today.

As the private member resolution moved by the Legislature Wing leader of MPP MLA O Joy and supported by party MLAs including RK Anand, Dr Ng Bijoy and Dr I Ibohalbi was tabled in the House, former Chief Minister and NCP MLA Radhabinod Koijam supported it.

Moving the private member resolution, O Joy said the remarks of AICC secretary Siddharth Patil endorsing implementation of the 16-point agreement raised in the election manifesto of the Nagaland Congress was an instigation towards disintegration of Manipur.

The AICC secretary should not have made such irresponsible remarks in the first place, the firebrand Opposition MLA, O Joy said, adding that it was also in violation of the laid down code of conduct of the election.

Reminding the House members of the earlier resolutions adopted by the Manipur Legislative Assembly for safeguarding the territorial integrity of Manipur seven times, O Joy pointed out that in the merger agreement of United Naga Integration Council with the Congress, it was clearly mentioned that the Congress party does not oppose the issue of Naga integration nor consider it as anti-party or anti-Constitutional.

Drawing the attention of the House for passing the resolution, O Joy contended that the issue in hand is of a more serious nature as it posed a threat to the territorial integrity of the whole North Eastern States as well.

Supporting the resolution, MLA Dr I Ibohalbi observed that the irresponsible remarks of the AICC secretary has the potential of inviting a social upheaval more severe than the June 18 incident.

Similarly, MLA RK Anand said the issue is a very sensitive one and should not be used for wooing the voters.

Coming up with his observations on the issue, NCP MLA and former Chief Minister Radhabinod Koijam suggested that the private member resolution should be passed and the decision of the State Assembly made known to the Centre and the AICC that Nagaland and Manipur would never see eye to eye on the issue of Naga integration and that Nagas would continue to press for their demand.

He further said that Nagaland would never be able to disintegrate Manipur and their demand for implementation of the 16-point agreement is not an agreement at all but just a demand.

India Government had never signed any agreement in this regard.

Nonetheless, he said, it would be sensible to take a decision as preventive measure.

In his response to the private member resolution, Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh reiterated that the territorial integrity of Manipur will not be compromised at any cost.

Being a democratic country it is fair enough to listen to the demand.

However, no State can be set up based on community interest.

The Chief Minister went on to say that following the newspaper reports on the content of the election manifesto of Nagaland Congress, he had written to the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Congress president, Prithivi Raj Chauhan and Siddharth Patil making it clear that the people of Manipur would never agree to it.

Siddharth Patil may not be a person who has a thorough knowledge of the North East, the Chief Minister said, while exhorting that the House should not have any reservation in passing the private member resolution unanimously.

He further said that signing of the ceasefire 'without territorial limit' by the then NDA Government may not be intentional, thinking that the matter could be discussed afterward.

Thus, with foreboding of violence, the agreement was withdrawn subsequently.

After some modification, the private member resolution was unanimously passed by the House.